Connectivity Platform and Fleet Management

Connectivity Platform

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How to gain business value from connected objects

Cluster Reply operates in the vehicular connectivity and fleet management sectors, working in partnership with several industry leaders. The company provides high level consulting services, both functional and technological, analysing together with customers the solution that best suits their specific needs.

Thanks to the expertise acquired in terms of vehicular connectivity, fleet management and the analysis of related data, with regard to manufacturers of industrial vehicles as well as logistics operators, Cluster Reply helps customers develop a customised solution designed to improve cost and vehicle control.

Connected objects are not enough to create added value: harnessing the full potential of the latest IoT and Connectivity technologies means to aggregate data from different sources, both internal and external, and effectively manage information. Commercial vehicles can generate a large amount of data and it is key to know how to use that data to produce value.

on IoT

The recent development of IoT technologies and the wide dissemination of connected objects have facilitated an evolution in road shipping activities, resulting in a more efficient management of industrial vehicle fleets.

This represents a crucial change within the corporate management realm, enabling increased control and the rationalisation of costs and of information already available to the company.

The ideal solution

Cluster Reply offers a connectivity platform designed to integrate connected objects with enterprise systems and external sources

Within the wider context of Industrie 4.0, Cluster Reply offers a connectivity platform designed to integrate connected objects with enterprise systems and external sources.

The solution facilitates a complete control of costs through

  • the monitoring of vehicle performance and driver-related indicators,
  • the monitoring of trips,
  • and an alarm system for detecting failures or problems.

This approach can help reduce downtime by monitoring and managing scheduled maintenance activities, keeping tabs on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for each vehicle in the fleet. Moreover, by analysing data such as vehicle fuel consumption, driving style and the need for extraordinary maintenance, it is also possible to determine whether a certain driver is more suitable for a particular route as opposed to another.

The system can also be used for internal business functions, as well as for those directly relating to customers, with personalised access that ensures a high value service provided to users. Thanks to this solution, operators can reduce and control transportation costs, monitor activities relating to vehicles and connected objects in real time, perform analyses based on historical data and ensure better control over all the business processes involved, helping companies to make decisions in near real-time, based on real data.

Finally, the data collected may also prove useful for strengthening relationships with the other players in the production chain, such as partners and customers, who can access such data automatically and based on any required customisations. The sharing of relevant information in terms of consumption and delivery times can help companies acquire a direct competitive advantage in the market, increasing the added value of the solutions offered.

Due to its characteristics, this solution is ideal for industrial, commercial and automotive vehicle manufacturers, as well as for transport and logistics companies, which manage production with a fleet of vehicles for distribution or by offering fleet leasing services.

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    Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in delivering Cloud Solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform. Cluster Reply is a global award winning Microsoft Gold certified partner with over 20 years’ experience delivering application development, integration and cloud infrastructure solutions using Microsoft technology.