Waste management

Reply has launched several initiatives to reduce urban waste and improve waste separation in its offices. These measures will gradually increase recyclable waste. Reply is also committed, whenever possible, to finding solutions for the reuse and recycling of electronic waste.


Zero Waste

By 2030 we will reuse or recycle 100% of electronic waste such as computers and servers, in order to achieve zero-waste status.



We are are committed to donating electronic equipment, both internally to employees who have requested it, and externally to various charities.


Single-Use Plastics

We have set ourselves the goal of eliminating single-use plastic in all locations. This is consistent with the European Single Use Plastic (SUP) directive, by encouraging employees to use recyclable products.

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Reply to the Earth

In 2021, we launched “Reply to the Earth”, an internal communication program aimed at enlightening Reply employees on a greener and more sustainable future.