Waste and water risk

We aim to reuse and recycle wherever opportunities exist in e-waste and furniture reallocation. Moreover, although we are not a water-intensive company, we minimize our use of water wherever feasible, through responsible use, reuse, management and dispense across our offices.


Zero Waste

By 2030 we will reuse or recycle 100% of e-waste such as computers and servers. In 2020 we signed a pilot agreement with an Italian Charity to donate 100 reconditioned PCs every month.


Water Use Reduction

By 2025, we will develop plans to reduce the impact of flooding, drought and water scarcity, and will reduce water consumption in our main locations.


Single-Use Plastics

By 2022, we eliminated single-use plastics (such as plastic shopping bags, plastic coffee cup lids, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam and containers) in all locations

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Reply to the Earth

In 2021, we launched “Reply to the Earth”, an internal communication program aimed at enlightening Reply employees on a greener and more sustainable future.