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Powering sustainable mobility: mapping EV charging stations

Reply has developed an innovative solution for the electric vehicle (EV) market, mapping charging stations in Europe to create a comprehensive overview of information on charging options related to sustainable mobility ecosystem.

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An accurate and comprehensive mapping of sustainable mobility

This solution is the result of our advanced code, which integrates multiple data sources, including primary data sources such as Open Street Map and Open Charge Map, and official government data sources for each country where available. This map provides EV drivers, operators, and city planners with accurate and up-to-date information on socket number, plug type, socket power, operator or mobile service provider, access type, and payment methods.

Not only does Reply's solution provide accurate information on public charging points, but it also includes charging stations on private land, such as supermarket forecourts, to ensure users are aware of all their options. Our mapping solution also addresses the issue of having to install multiple apps to find all the charging points in an area, simplifying the process for EV drivers.

One solution, multiple benefits


Helping EVs drivers navigate to the nearest charging station.


Supporting city planners in identifying the most optimal locations for new charging stations.


Allowing EV drivers to make informed decisions about where and when to charge their EVs.


Allowing the simple integration of ones own charging station data within the overall map.

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