Case Study

WINDTRE Business is partnering with its Sales Network to boost B2B Marketing

A digital sales network dedicated to business telephony services, enhanced by lead generation tools and customized online advertising campaigns: this was the project carried out by the Business division of Windtre in collaboration with Like Reply, a Reply group company specialized in Data-Driven Digital Marketing.

Delivering customized
and automated
advertising solutions

The main actor of the initiative, which enabled personalized communication for the sales network, was the Network of Windtre Business direct agents. In particular, the platform provided by Like Reply allowed the management and delivery of digital advertising packages. One of the main benefits was the ability to customize online ads for each business agent and update promotions on a monthly basis. Furthermore, all setting operations could be automated, simplifying the entire process of creating campaigns and announcements.


Strengthening brand identity and improving the customer relationship

If, on one hand, the Like Reply Retail Digital Program aims to enhance the commercial performance of partners thanks to digital, on the other it allows them to strengthen the identity of the brand through innovation and further improvement of the relationship with customers.

The Retail Digital Program has made it possible to design and implement customized digital media marketing solutions, capable of showing constantly updated messages dedicated to business partners. In this way, the offers aimed at entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and medium-sized enterprises, could be tailor-made to a precise need. The business agents were also able to customize offers in the local area according to the location in which they operate.

Applying automation and optimizing online presence

Thanks to the automation platform, which is the foundation of the solution, functionalities such as quick ad serving, adding new keywords, and suspending others have been dramatically simplified. The system was also able to make the most of the potential of Google Ads and social networks such as LinkedIn. The project also increased leads, confirming the presence and promotions on digital as a channel of primary importance for the sales network of the telecommunications group.


Like Reply is an international expert for innovative solutions in the fields of marketing automation, SEO, SEA, marketing performance and attribution modelling. As pioneers of the digital world, the team understands the needs of the clients. Through systematic data analysis Like Reply interprets processes and identifies concrete improvements to optimise the relationship between brand and consumer.