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Digital accessibility: Reply's testing automation solution

To ensure the usability and inclusiveness of digital content, Reply has developed an Accessibility Testing solution that integrates Generative AI and automates the test phases.

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Accessibility Testing

In an increasingly competitive and technologically complex market, ensuring high-quality digital products and services is a fundamental differentiating factor. However, quality today cannot be separated from accessibility: ensuring the full use of online content and services to as many people as possible is today an ethical and strategic imperative.

Concept Reply has developed a solution to test the usability and accessibility of digital content. Integrated into its Test Automation Framework as an add-on, the Accessibility Testing solution combines Generative AI and Quality Assurance processes to efficiently automate testing, monitoring content quality over time.



Generative artificial intelligence at the service of inclusivity

By exploiting generative AI, Concept Reply's Accessibility Testing solution not only supports accessibility experts in carrying out exhaustive and detailed assessments, but it also allows the identification of gaps and non-compliances that common automated verification tools are unable to intercept.

The platform also allows continuous monitoring, integrating into the software lifecycle. Its development is the result of collaboration between the internal team of experts in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and people with disabilities, temporary or permanent, in order to ensure an accurate and inclusive assessment.


Testing with high added value

The solution represents a significant qualitative leap in the digital testing process and offers a number of key features.

Gap Analysis

Identify the non-compliance of existing assets - web or mobile - by integrating the assessments of accessibility experts and real users. In this way, it provides comprehensive and detailed suggestions for correction and prioritization.

Remediation Assessment

Evaluate corrections made to existing assets against WCAG guidelines, starting with the design and prototyping phase.

Continuous Monitoring

Periodically check for new editorial content and functionality in light of updates to the WCAG guidelines.

WCAG Observatory Practise

An internal team of accessibility testing experts, including real users, constantly monitors the WCAG roadmap.

Reach new levels of quality and accessibility for your digital products with advanced and efficient testing.


Concept Reply is recognized as an expert in Testing and Quality Assurance. Thanks to our laboratories and an international team of professionals, we are currently the trusted Quality Assurance partner for most of the main Italian banks, as we offer deep knowledge in the field of innovations and solutions on the global financial services market (functional and technical - fintech) with observers, partnerships and projects. We have a Business Unit dedicated to financial services where proven experience in Quality Assurance is combined with in-depth knowledge of business and corporate processes, creating innovative and specialized solutions that reduce validation costs and increase the overall effectiveness of testing.