The state of Business Intelligence And Advanced Analytics

A data-driven trend report on the transformation of BI and the role of automation and AI as drivers for change in business operations, decision making and work culture.

Business Intelligence and Advanced analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Companies float in a constantly growing ocean of internal and external data. This study provides an overview of the latest trends in Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics that enable decision-makers to leverage this data for deeper insights, leading to better-informed decisions and ultimately increasing business profitability. The research was conducted using Reply’s SONAR Trend Platform, to create an overview and mapping of relevant trends based on their occurrence within expert media articles, mass media, patents and scientific publications.


Translating data into action is driven by Data Visualisation and communicating insights to human users and integrateing those into decision-making processes.


Automated and AI-based systems will feed results directly into output systems and make decisions based on the analysis information with less human intervention.

How to future-proof your business with business intelligence and advanced analytics

The future may look foggy at present, but business intelligence leaders can carve a path to a sustainable outlook and competitive advantage. Future BI trends are all part of a quickly evolving model that is essential to the progression of modern businesses.

Hygiene protocol

Your BI performance is only as good as the quality and efficacy of your data.

In a world where data is exchanged, adapted, and modelled, the essential basics of maintaining the integrity of both first-part and external data will be fundamental – both from hygiene and governance perspectives - in operating high-performance BI systems at scale.

Accesibility of insights

Is your BI enabling creativity for all users, across the organisation?

Not everyone is a data analyst, but having data to inform strategic decisions is necessary for growth. Allowing people from across the spectrum of technical abilities to access insights is essential to enable a diverse group of decision-makers to think broadly about strategic business imperatives.

Performance is imperative

Does your performance development pipeline match the growth of data and processing complexity?

More data needs to be processed in more advanced calculations in a shorter time. Processing performance evolves at the intersection of hardware, software & data engineering. To be among the top BI players in the market these competencies need to handle the complexity brought by advanced analytics, machine learning and more of various complex data formats.

Full-spectrum solutions

Are your BI insights generating future-oriented integrative modelling?

The true value of BI tools is in the data they produce ensuring this data is not just gathered but also analysed, interpreted and acted upon is what will set some strategies apart.

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