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The Convergence between Store and Digital

The Primadonna Case

Reply was awarded "Best in Class"

Reply was awarded "Best in Class"

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Creating a scalable structure

What strategy should be followed to equip a young brand with a flexible and scalable structure both in Italy and abroad? This is the scenario that Retail Reply addressed in the digital transformation project of Primadonna, an Italian fashion company. To make its entrance in the fast fashion world, Primadonna needed to expand its digital channels, at first only based on a few social pages to communicate with customers, and implement innovative products and services that can offer consumers an experience in line with their expectations.

Primadonna, thanks to Retail Reply’s work, was awarded first prize in the Digital retailing and Omnichannel category at the eighth edition of Netcomm E-commerce Award, a prize dedicated to Italian excellence in e-commerce.

Redefining the in-store experience

The digital transformation strategy defined and implemented by Retail Reply has developed along two main lines: consolidation of the sales network and development of new digital channels. To provide Primadonna with the necessary technological uniformity to scale across multiple stores, a single solution has been designed for all store operations, based on Oracle. The next generation “cash register” allows you to: recognize and follow customers on the move with a tablet, browse the collection, give information about product details and availability, create orders on behalf of customers, manage repairs, send clothing alteration requests, and view and coordinate warehouse operations. 

Digitizing the brand

Following the transformation strategy designed for Primadonna, new digital channels were enabled through the creation of two e-commerce sites, developed with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, dedicated to the group’s two reference brands: Primadonna and Valerio 1966. Retail Reply has provided Primadonna with a CRM capable of designing an omnichannel loyalty program, developing an app for Primadonna’s virtual loyalty card management.
The Loyalty Program designed by Primadonna allows customers to register from the cash register, the site or the app allowing omnichannel purchases and points accumulation. Information about preferences is also shared with the new in-store cash register, allowing sales representatives to build a customized shopping experience based on customers’ habits, thus increasing the in-store shopping trend.







Primadonna Collection was established in 2001 based on an inspirational idea of its founder Valerio Tatarella and the result of the Tatarella family’s extensive experience in the Italian footwear industry since 1950. Today Primadonna is one of the most dynamic companies in the Fast Fashion Retail sector with over 400 outlets around the world. Its elegant footwear featuring classic Italian design at very affordable prices makes it a leader in its market segment, with its unrivaled combination of quality and price.

Retail Reply is the Reply group company that accompanies Retailers along their digitization and omnichannel journey, supporting customers along all the lines that represent the structure of the company, including processes, technologies and change management. Retail Reply operates within the national and international Retail market with its primary role in consulting and system integration, carrying out digital Retail Strategy projects.