Case Study

Krispy Kreme: joy in every step of the customer experience

Krispy Kreme’s unique, warm storefronts deliver on customer promise time after time, it was time for the brand to bring the in-store experience online.

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Deliver a seamless customer experience, while adding a few surprises along the way


Sweet experiences on every screen

Today, Krispy Kreme is reaching a bigger audience than ever by bringing joy to every step along the customer journey. Customers are now easily connecting to their delicious sweet treats through an online store on the website and mobile devices with interactions as unique as the brand.


The multidisciplinary team - strategy, UX, design, and development - used a customer-centric and iterative approach to design, develop, and optimize the website. Visitors can search for their closest shop, check for Hot Light hours, order their favorite dozens, start a fundraiser or buy branded merchandise. Each experience is carefully engineered to connect every aspect of the technical framework with the customer in mind.


Each flavor of business brought together

There are many parts to every business, bringing those together in multiple cohesive touchpoints presents a unique challenge.

For Krispy Kreme, the answer is a custom middleware solution that lives in between the client-side and the interactions with front-end and back-end requests.

This centralizes the logic into a client-owned layer reducing code redundancy, unifying customer data, and securing access to all back-end resources.



From small screen to the big screen

The flexible design system for the app and website easily expanded to support and visually execute the new menu strategy. This provides a consistent experience for customers on their phone, at the counter, or in their cars at the drive-thru.


This level of content and quality control keeps all visual elements – food, drinks, pricing, and special offers - streamlined and presented with accurate brand standards. Shops now have the control to support customization with localized themes and season availability while maintaining brand standards indoors and out.


A scalable foundation for Krispy Kreme’s experience of the future


Store integrations
in first year


Increased in user sessions in first 4 months


Increase in loyalty program interest


Reduction in development time for subsequent sites


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