Case Study

Docsity: a SaaS on AWS

Much more than a simple University Platform

The need of an innovative platform

Started up in Italy, Docsity rapidly grew to millions of active users thanks to the international expansion to new countries like Spain, Russia, Brazil, Latin America, India and USA.

The infrastructure behind Docsity wasn’t enough flexible to support the exponential growth and the introduction of new features. The company decided to migrate all its workload to Amazon Web Services to scale more rapidly and to speed up software releases.

Accelerate digital transformation with AWS

Docsity chose Amazon Web Services as its cloud platform, and the AWS Premier Consulting Partner Storm Reply supported the company in the migration and running phase. Docsity worked with Storm Reply to redesign the application adopting cloud-native services.
The architecture leverages on Elastic Load Balancers to distribute traffic to different Docker containers running on ECS. Moreover, the application is more resilient thanks to the Multi-AZ deployment offered by the RDS service.

Unlimited content worldwide

Greater flexibility and scalability

The platform can now store a virtually unlimited number of contents using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
The service can now serve a large number of users located worldwide thanks to the global distribution of edge locations offered by Amazon CloudFront.

The new infrastructure has improved the governance and control of the application. The AWS monitoring tools allows to constantly supervise the health of the system. The flexibility and scalability of AWS are helping Docsity to grow more rapidly.

When I first decided to move into the public cloud, I didn't hesitate in choosing Amazon Web Services, the most widely adopted and leading cloud platform, which helped us to bring our service to the next level, with more elasticity. Moving to Amazon AWS was a key milestone in our roadmap to become the reference worldwide knowledge-sharing community for university students.

Riccardo Ocleppo
CEO & Founder of Docsity



Docsity, founded in 2010, allows university students to share documents and provide private lessons online through a web platform. The service is based on virtual points, needed to access and download the platform content, achievable thanks to interactions and/or production of other documents. Docsity is available in 8 languages and serves hundreds of thousands of users every day, from every part of the world.


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