Case Study

Enhance IT Operations and Service Management with Cassiopea Reply

Introducing Reply's event-driven AI-powered automation platform for a leading e-commerce player.

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Boosting IT operations with Cassiopea Reply

Reply introduced Cassiopea Reply to enhance the IT operations of a leading Italian e-commerce company.

The platform ensures integration between StackStorm, team collaboration tools, system monitoring tools, and ticket management tools, as well as communication platforms like Twilio. The goal was twofold: to enhance release and deployment cycles and to improve platform operation and monitoring.

Release & Deployment

Cassiopea Reply is a fully automated software deployment framework that supports the entire software distribution process. It features automatic generation of deployment scripts, correct application installation sequences, and release notes using prompting and embedding based on Generative AI.

Configurable AI agents enable the generation of deployment scripts, correction of installation application sequences, and generation of release notes using embedding, prompting, and summarisation techniques. The primary goal was to enable software distribution at any time of the day, minimising downtime related to application services and improving the tracking of release progress and status. Estimates suggest significant savings of around 30% to 40% in deployment times.

Operate & Monitoring

Cassiopea Reply guarantees accurate and automated troubleshooting and communication by supporting the events management process. It identifies patterns and classifies incidents and user requests to enable various solution strategies, including routing a ticket (self-routing), executing known scripts for known problems, and solving new problems through script execution (self-healing).

Cassiopea Reply utilises Generative AI's embedding technique to find patterns and classify events accurately. It informs stakeholders by generating emails and messages. Each ticket is checked, classified, and automatically resolved (where possible) or routed to the correct group. This significantly reduces the effort required by Customer Staff by up to 90%. Furthermore, the average single event resolution time in the end-to-end process has been reduced by 1 hour, enhancing the end-user experience.

Embrace generative AI to improve IT processes

Thanks to Reply's support, the customer was able to reduce operational expenses associated with the daily production and management of their business service, while simultaneously eliminating operational errors and automating job completion, thereby removing daily manual tasks and improving the availability and resilience of applications.