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Cassiopea Reply

Discover Reply's AI-driven platform for automating IT processes.


Cassiopea Reply leverages Generative AI to enhance IT processes and event management by integrating ITSM platforms, monitoring systems, and collaboration tools

An events-driven diagnostic and remediation platform

Cassiopea Reply’s main features include automatic response and execution of remediation actions based on state changes, system and application monitoring, human intervention requests via call or SMS, and issue updates via email or collaboration tools.

By integrating with Generative AI Tools, Cassiopea Reply identifies patterns, classifies events, and applies suitable solution strategies such as self-routing tickets, executing known scripts for known problems, self-healing for new problems, and informing stakeholders through generated e-mails and messages.


The main benefits

Operational efficiency

Reduces reaction time, assigns tickets accurately, and performs tasks reliably to prevent operational and system errors.

Improved experience

Proactively detects issues before they affect customers, leading to a better customer experience.

Outage prevention

Acts to prevent or resolve incidents, reducing downtime and critical incidents.

Operational agility

Automates job completion and ensures reliable task execution, making the IT processes more efficient.

Combining faster time-to-market and high-quality IT processes

Cassiopea Reply accelerates time-to-market by enhancing the performance of both machines and services, effectively eliminating the operational delay resulting from manual operational management. Cassiopea Reply is a fully automated framework designed to manage events in production environments, detect patterns, classify, and automatically resolve issues, thereby improving the availability and resilience of applications. Thanks to Generative AI, it generates deployment scripts, installations, and release notes, allowing for the elimination of operational errors and automating job completion, thereby reducing daily manual tasks of IT professionals.

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