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The Enterprise Social Network solution TamTamy™ is Reply’s response to the emerging communication, Engagement, training and cooperation scenarios. It can be applied both in business (for employee networks, participative intranets, and Social Learning) and in the public sphere (consumer or business-to-business communities) as a highly customisable and integrable Mobile-ready tool.


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Modern Workforce

Best Practice

"Where do you Workplace?"

Today’s workspace is on-the-go. Implico Reply & Workplace help you break down geographic and technology barriers to communication and collaboration to satisfy the needs of your changing workforce.
Workplace’s personalized feeds, live chat, video broadcasts, secure file sharing and familiar interfaces encourage open communication that accelerates idea sharing and drives productivity.

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Digital Workplace

Case Study

Helping employees work remotely

As a response to an increase in remote working, Sky wanted their employees to have access to the best possible tools to enable them to operate as efficiently as possible. Avvio Reply were asked to develop a communication strategy to ensure a successful transition to this new way of working.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Digital Workplace Strategy

Nationwide wanted to create a truly ‘digital workplace’, providing employees with the tools and technology to work wherever and whenever they chose. Avvio Reply helped Nationwide to communicate their workplace strategy to the business, ensuring employees were ready for the change.

Digital Workplace Strategy 0

Social Media Listening

Best Practice

The art of social conversation is all about listening

The proliferation of Social Media in recent years has provided companies with an increasingly complex and substantial bulk of data and information. By “actively listening” to this data, brands have an opportunity to better understand their current and potential customers’ desires and purchasing intentions.

Social Media Marketing

Best Practice

Social branding, the new paradigm for business communication

The term "Social Branding" embraces all the modern brand-communication and -presence activities aimed at building a relationship/conversation with the brand’s consumer base.


Case Study

Cre@Sito a new home for your website

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced website builder, Cre@Sito was created with you in mind. Simple and intuitive​​ make it easy for anyone to build and manage a website.

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Crowdsourced Video Production

Best Practice

Video Production gets Social

By creating concepts and videos through collaborative approaches, Brands are able not only to include end consumers in the creative process, thus improving message effectiveness, but also to build attachment to the product among those who see themselves as its champions.

Social Media

Best Practice

Social Learning

The use of Social Media in companies’ external communications is now an established practice (especially in big business). And yet it is important to realise that a real 2.0 company is one that also uses collaborative tools internally as an expression of a company culture that is open to dialogue with employees and stakeholders in order to become more sustainable and, in the most advanced cases, more productive.


Press Article

Social media command center opened in Munich

Arlanis Reply has opened the first social media command center in continental Europe, offering companies an opportunity to listen in on relevant global online discussions of their brands.

Social Media


Arlanis Reply Social Media Command Center

Social Media plays a powerful role in growing your business. It is effectively now an additional customer communication channel, alongside call centres, stores and phones. With the opening of the first Social Media Command Center in Continental Europe running on technology, Arlanis Reply is enabling companies to listen to global communications across the social web in real-time and in a completely new way.


News & Communication

Arlanis Reply opens the first Social Media Command Center in Germany powered by Salesforce Radian6™

Arlanis Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialising in Salesforce solutions, opens in Munich its first Social Media Command Center powered by Salesforce Radian6. The Center is a dedicated area where brands can listen and engage in social conversations.


News & Communication

Cluster Reply wins Microsoft best Windows 8 Partner award

Cluster Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in consulting and systems integration services on Microsoft technologies, has won the Microsoft best Partner award for the skills and abilities demonstrated in the implementation of Desktop Deployment projects on Windows 8.

behavioural finance

Case Study test your understanding before you invest

"Investimente" is an initiative created using TamTamy, the Reply Group solution for developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities, for Schroders, one of the world’s leading asset-management groups. The project is based on the science of behavioural finance, it turns theory into practice, offering financial advisers and promoters a useful and innovative tool that is accessible on the move and easy to use in their everyday work.


News & Communication

Microsoft and Cluster Reply back Hybrid Cloud to support flexible growth

A strategic partnership to guide Italian companies through a process of innovation in line with business priorities. At the Italian launch of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft and Cluster Reply announced an international partnership for Hybrid Cloud, so extending the existing relationship, which has seen the companies collaborate over many years to offer strategic consultancy and advanced technology solutions that meet the business needs of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



Growth and new market challenges: ’Social Enterprise’ as a successful model fot the competitive company

4cust Reply took part in the Workshop "Growth and new market challenges: ’Social Enterprise’ as a successful model fot the competitive company". The conference was held in Altavilla Vicentina (VI) on 18 October 2012.


News & Communication

Starbytes, Reply’s crowdsourcing platform, is now available to Italian companies

Reply has made its Starbytes™ ( crowdsourcing platform available to Italian companies looking to make use of this new way of developing projects, digital products and services.

04.06.2012 - 05.06.2012


Social Business Forum 2012

4cust Reply attended the fifth edition of Social Business Forum 2012, the leading European event on employee empowerment, customer engagement and collaborative innovation.The event was held in Milan from 4 to 5 June 2012.


News & Communication

Reply develops Facebook app to make the news even more ‘social’

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY], a leader in the design and implementation of solutions based on the new communication channels and digital media, has been chosen by Corriere della Sera to develop a native Facebook app bringing a new way of reading and sharing news based on personal reading preferences.

Best Practice

TamTamy - Brochure

TamTamy™ - the Social Network platform developed by Reply – responds to companies’ ever-increasing requirements involving the facilitating and sharing of individual knowledge, collaboration and new forms of communication.

Case Study

Reply realizes Appsquare, 3 Italia’s new community

Reply realizes Appsquare, 3 Italia’s new community for designers and developers of mobile applications.