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Reply Cyber Security Lab

At the Cyber Security Lab, companies have access to the latest security solutions and tools that help to safeguard the values and privacy of people, companies and processes. It includes stations for testing and simulating attack vectors, threat modelling, controller and device hacking on industry-standard hardware and software components.

Visit our Cyber Security Lab!

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White Paper

Security for an Upside-Down Network

Due to digitalization, companies need a decentralized network architecture with the cloud as the new central hub. At the same time, companies are at risk of losing control over the systems and this results in a major security risk. The solution is to accelerate security measures while taking cloud usage scenarios into account.

Adversarial Machine Learning

White Paper

Is Machine Learning a secure world?

The growth of ML in terms of adoption by companies is proceeding year on year in great strides. Along with the many benefits that ML can bring to your business, there are new challenges in the field of Cyber Security that require a total revolution of security models applied to daily use technologies in classic scenarios. The threat that companies must prepare to fight and contain goes by the name of AML, which stands for Adversarial Machine Learning.

Is Machine Learning a secure world?


News & Communication

Countdown to the Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2021

On the 15th of October 2021, Reply will launch the fourth edition of the Reply Cyber Security Challenge, a team-based coding competition open to young professionals and cyber security enthusiasts from all over the world.

15.10.2021 - 16.10.2021 / ONLINE


Cyber Security Challenge 2021

Reply Cyber Security Challenge is a team competition open to both students and professionals created by the “Keen Minds Team”, Reply’s group of Cyber Security experts.


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Best Practice


Reply has developed a Security Proposition strategy focused on 5G. It is designed to support organisations in defining an approach aimed at minimising risks and implementing high security standards, with flexible solutions that can be adapted to the evolutionary developments of a technology in continuous growth.

Explore Reply’s approach, designed to respond to the risks posed by new 5G networks


CyberSecurity Control

Best Practice

Stay on top of your Cybersecurity

Risk-Based Threat and Vulnerability Management is the combination of methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness and your risk posture. Discover new methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness.

Quantum Computing

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Cybersecurity in the age of Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Cybersecurity is an emerging market and there are few specialist technology players capable of carrying out quantum-resilient data integration. Reply's added value comes from the quantum skills developed in recent years, and from our experiential approach and extensive experience in the fields of networking, security, and integration.

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28.09.2020 / IT Pro

Press Article

The New World of Cyber Security

Cyber crime has been steadily growing over the last few years. As new and advancing technologies increase the number of ways and amount of time we spend online, the opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of these connections also grows. Read more about the challenge cyber security experts face in Reply's latest article in IT Pro.

Do you have trust in iot?

In a IoT context, Reply mission is to proactively detect and thwart cyber-attacks and incidents against customers’ IoT solutions adopting a 5-building blocks approach: Concept Sketching, Security Requirements and Design, Secure Coding, Advanced Security Testing, Security Product Sustainment.

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Cyber Security Operation Center

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Protect your business

Reply’s new Cyber Security Operation Centre is a structure specialised in the provision of Premium-level security services, tailored to the customer's needs, processes, and the specific threats characteristic of the sector in which it operates.


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20.02.2017 - 24.02.2017 / Berlin


Cisco Live 2017

Communication Valley Reply, the Reply group company specialising in managed security services, will participate in this year’s CISCO Live Event in Berlin from 20-24 February2017.

18.10.2016 / Milan



Data Reply takes part in Cloudera Sessions – Milan, the Italian event focused on Big Data both from a technological and business point of view.​

30.06.2016 / Infosecurity Magazine

Press Article

Software Defined Security: Going Beyond Traditional Measures

Organizations today are evolving and rapidly adopting new technologies. But what this brings is an increase in their threat footprint. Alexander Seyf, Partner at Sytel Reply, explains how organizations now need to look towards leveraging emerging technologies such as Software Defined Networking in order to efficiently and dynamically address security threats and attacks​.

14.06.2016 / Milan


Cyber Security Insights into Markets and Regulations

Spike Reply in collaboration with FireEye organizes the event "Cyber Security Insights into Markets and Regulations". The workshop analyses the Italian Market situation and regulatory changes, providing new approaches to IT Security Governance (threats and risks) introducing real cases.

04.04.2016 / Information Age

Press Article

A Retailer's guide to Cyber security

Retail is in the top five most frequently targeted industries when it comes to cyber-attacks. Daren Ward, Partner at Retail Reply, examines top information security threats faced by the retail sector and the trends resulting from them.​

28.04.2016 / Milan


How to fight back against Cryptolocker

Communication Valley Reply, in collaboration with Cisco, hosts the workshop “How to fight back against Cryptolocker”, on 28 April 2016 at the Reply Cyber Security Command Center​, and ​​focused on the Cryptolocker trojan.

26.04.2016 / London


Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016

Sytel Reply takes part in "Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016"​, the UK’s leading event for the discussion of Information security, cyber security and risk management across every business sector, now in its fifth edition.

28.02.2016 / Cointelegraph

Press Article

How Bitcoin Disrupts Telecommunications?

The Blockchain has begun to disrupt not only the financial sector, but also the telecommunications sector. Using Reply’s expertise in the Blockchain technology and Software Defined Networking, Sytel Reply has created a brand new and powerful system, Securechain,​ to provide security, scalability and auditability to future networks.​


Best Practice

What can the Internet see about your network?

Today, an ever-increasing number of information sources concerning the exposed attack surface of Enterprise IP networks are being created and stored in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) databases. The contents of these OSINT databases can be searched via simple web-based or API-based interfaces, making data retrieval simple. Sytel Reply has developed a tool to let you see what information is stored in OSINT databases about your network.​

Security Compliance

Best Practice

Is your organisation challenged to demonstrate security compliance?

Any organisation is constantly required by its clients to demonstrate compliance to industry standards, laws and regulations, with a current emphasis on security, and to provide evidence of their compliance posture. Sytel Reply’s Reve@l:Comply​ solution can help companies tackle the problem by centralising your organisations’ knowledge, allowing to achieve compliance governance and demonstrate a proactive approach to clients.


Best Practice


Securechain is an innovation which delivers security, scalability and auditability to Software Defined Networks (SDN). Securechain leverages Blockchain technology, the same technology which powers the popular and highly disruptive cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but applied in a completely new and innovative way. Using Reply’s expertise in Blockchain and SDN, together with bespoke software development, Sytel Reply has created a brand new and powerful system to provide security, scalability and auditability to these future networks.

Software Defined Security

Best Practice

Advanced security mechanisms to protect assets and networks: Software-Defined Security

Organisations can now leverage the emerging technologies of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) for implementing security, as opposed to using traditional methods, and outlines some of the benefits that can be realised.​

17.11.2015 / Milan


How to build a Threat Intelligence for your Company

Communication Valley Reply hosts the workshop "How to build a Threat Intelligence for your Company" on 17 November 2015 at the Reply Cyber Security Command Center.


News & Communication

Reply's Cyber Security Command Center, a center specialised on managed security services

Communication Valley Reply, the Reply Group company that specialises in managed security services, has opened its new Cyber Security Command Center, an ISO27001-certified facility situated in Milan and for 24 hours x 365 days per year.

Digital Identity

Best Practice

Staying ahead of the digital identity evolution

Cyberspace represents the total interconnectedness of human beings through computers and telecommunications, regardless of physical geography. It is a term used to describe the whole range of information resources available through computer networks. For our purposes, cyberspace is a realm in which communication and interaction between two individuals, or between an individual and a computer, is facilitated by digital data exchanged over computer networks.​​

08.10.2015 / Milan


FireEye Security Summit 2015

Spike Reply FireEye and Mandiant Platinum Partner, takes part in the 1st edition of FireEye Security Summit, an event dedicated to Business Security managers. Spike Reply shows how the mix of Technologies, Intelligence and Governance helps to fight Cyber Risks to which all enterprises are exposed.

DNS Security

Best Practice

Domain Name System Security Extensions

The aim of this white paper is to provide information with regards to the current status of Domain Name System (DNS) and its evolution into Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

Personal data protection

Best Practice

How Much Data are People Giving Away?

In today’s connected world, the amount of data available about an individual has increased exponentially. This white paper aims to outline the technologies being used to gather data about individuals, how this is being used and what the future could hold for data gathering.

Practice note

Best Practice

Security of Internet Payments: EBA issues new guidelines

This Briefing Note presents an overview on the regulatory impact of the European Banking Authority’s final Guidelines on the security of internet payments for Payment Services Providers and customers, highlighting areas which should be carefully checked and implemented before the 1 August 2015.

23.06.2014 / Security

News & Communication

Spike Reply penetration-test team wins second prize at the world Hacker’s Dome competition

The penetration-test team from Spike Reply has come second out of 124 entrants from 24 countries in the Hacker’s Dome competition.


News & Communication

RSA appoints Communication Valley Reply as its first RSA Managed Security Program Services Provider in Europe

Communication Valley Reply today announced at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, that it has been appointed as the first Europe-based RSA Managed Security Program services provider by RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

IT Consumerization

Best Practice

Impacts of IT Consumerization on Business Security

​Over the last few years, consumer devices entered the workplace. IT discovered whole new challenges and opportunities but, today comes the second wave in Consumerization of IT, the Shadow IT.