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Testing excellence for electric vehicles charging

Reply's Global Test Automation Center is reshaping the landscape of EV charging testing with its end-to-end Test Automation Framework.

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Test Automation Framework for electric vehicles charging units

In the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of charging stations is paramount.

Reply's Test Automation Center Lab is at the forefront of this effort, applying the Test Automation Framework to validate EV charging systems to ensure a seamless experience for use cases ranging from corporate fleets to personal vehicles.



Control over multiple touchpoints

The Test Automation Framework goes beyond basic functionality testing by meticulously simulating real-world usage scenarios, reflecting the experiences of both corporate and private users. By managing interconnected touchpoints through IoT, our framework provides essential testing for EV charging stations within a representative ecosystem, which includes the following elements.

Web Portals

We rigorously evaluate the functionality and ease of use of charging station web portals, ensuring that managers can effortlessly monitor and manage charging sessions.

Mobile Apps

Our framework extends its reach to mobile apps, guaranteeing a smooth user experience for EV owners who rely on smartphone applications to access charging services.

Charging station

We thoroughly evaluate the performance and reliability of the electronic control units within charging stations, ensuring they seamlessly exchange data with the rest of the system.

EV Simulator

To mimic real-world scenarios, our framework employs an EV simulator, allowing us to test charging station behaviour under various vehicle conditions and load profiles.


The power of end-to-end testing


Comprehensive testing

Our framework is designed to provide comprehensive testing coverage. It rigorously evaluates charging station performance under various conditions, including different power levels, vehicle types, and environmental factors.



As the EV market continues to expand, scalability is essential. Our framework can adapt to test a wide range of charging station models and types, ensuring that even the newest innovations are thoroughly evaluated.


Interoperability testing

In the interconnected world of EV charging, interoperability is key. Our framework rigorously tests compatibility with various EV models and communication protocols, ensuring seamless interactions between vehicles and charging stations.


Time and cost savings

By automating testing processes, our framework dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with EV charger validation. This efficiency allows manufacturers to bring their products to market faster while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Refining EV Station Checks

Ready to elevate your EV charging solutions with cutting-edge testing?

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