Reply teams up with Banca Generali and MIP Politecnico of Milan for the first edition of the Investment Challenge

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10 March 2020

Banca Generali and Reply have launched the first edition of the Investment Challenge, the online trading competition for European university students, conceived by Reply and based on the BG Saxo Trader Go platform.

The challenge will allow participants to deepen their knowledge of key financial instruments and test their skills through BG Saxo Trader Go, BG Saxo's advanced online trading platform, with the goal of developing a real investment strategy that will protect an original virtual capital of €1 million.

The Investment Challenge is part of Reply’s Challenges program, a series of online challenges developed to foster coding culture and stimulate digital innovation in creativity, cybersecurity and - for the very first time - finance. The competitions first started in 2018 and were targeted towards technology enthusiasts and the next generation of talent. This signifies a landmark in the online educational and entertainment landscape and has involved more than 40,000 participants around the world on the most current digital and innovative trends.

The Investment Challenge will be run in three phases. The registration phase, running from Wednesday 4 March to Friday 27 March, will enable registered students to access the e-learning content provided by Banca Generali, MIP Politecnico of Milan Graduate School of Business and Reply, and improve their financial knowledge and understanding of the BG Saxo Trader Go trading platform. This training session will feature the investment of virtual capital in a demo environment, with a real-time view of the market trends.

During the online qualification phase, scheduled for Monday 30 March to Thursday 9 April, the portfolios will be credited again and all participants will begin to compete against each other online. They will then be able to utilise the input provided by Reply and adopt the best asset management strategies aimed at protecting their initial capital.

The 100 traders who maximize their portfolios while avoiding specific game penalties, will be able to access the final phase which is scheduled for Friday, April 24, where three winners will be determined.

Registration for the challenge will be open until Friday 27th March at

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY] specializes in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors.

Banca Generali
Banca Generali is a leading private Italian bank, specialized in the financial planning and asset protection of clients, with a network of highly skilled private bankers. The company's strategy is based on four key elements: qualified advice from professionals specialized in protecting family wealth and supporting them in planning their future; a cutting-edge product portfolio with solutions tailored to personal needs; innovative wealth management services for the care of tangible and financial assets; and innovative tools that use technology to enhance the level of trust between advisor and client. The bank's mission highlights the importance of always having a long-term trusted advisor, at the client’s side, to build and take care of their life plan and projects. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since November 2006, and 50.1% controlled by the Assicurazioni Generali Group - synonymous with over 180 years of international solidity and security - it manages over 69.0 billion euros in assets on behalf of customers (figures as at 31 December 2019). With a widespread presence throughout Italy, it has 45 bank branches and 137 offices at the disposal of over 2050 financial advisors, and an advanced digital contact service for operations. In addition, there is the digital banking platform,, which allows customers to access banking services and operations independently.

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