Neo Reply introduces AIDITOR, a breakthrough AI creative assistant for online editors

2 February 2024

Neo Reply, specialists in digital experience platforms, today announced the launch of AIDITOR, a content evolution engine designed to revolutionise the content creation process through the use of Generative AI. The AI assistant helps organisations create engaging and relevant material for their target audiences. 

The content evolution engine enables companies to effortlessly generate new, perfectly tailored content in seconds, thanks to the capabilities of a specialised Large Language Model (LLM). This plugin aims to change the way online editors work by providing versatile support for several critical aspects of content management using Generative AI capabilities.

Precise targeting is a key feature of ‘AIDITOR’: this innovative tool simplifies the creation of specific text modules and landing pages with just a few clicks. Users can also easily tailor content for precise targeting and benefit from automated A/B testing: they can use the content evolution engine to create different text variants for specific audiences and use metrics to select the ones that resonate best.

The plugin has additional key features like SEO, automated checks and continuous learning: It streamlines the process of generating key SEO information for new copy, including meta titles, alt text and descriptions. The tool also facilitates automated checks and seamless updates to existing content. The content evolution engine is not a one-off solution; it continually learns and adapts to produce specialised content.

‘AIDITOR’ is available as a plugin for Crownpeak's FirstSpirit DXP, cloud or on-premises, but in the future it will also be available for other Digital Experience Platforms, allowing employees to work in a familiar environment while harnessing the power of AI. The generative AI capabilities are currently provided by the Wonk.AI Corporate Content AI API, and the Content Evolution Engine will support a wide range of other API-based AI tools in the future. The engine delivers dedicated content for all users: the language model is enriched by incorporating existing corporate text. This ensures that the content generated is appropriate, factually correct and tailored to the organisation.

This plugin from Neo Reply promises to be a game-changer for businesses, that are using Crownpeak's FirstSpirit DXP, enabling them to streamline the content creation process, improve audience targeting and boost SEO performance at a time when content is the cornerstone of digital success. All data is hosted in a secure cloud in the EU, ensuring data sovereignty and preventing unauthorised access.

Find out more about AIDITOR.

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of AI, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors.

Neo Reply
Neo Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in Digital Experience Platforms. With its many years of experience in the area of FirstSpirit DXP, Neo Reply supports its customers throughout the entire journey: From conception and planning to architecture and successful implementation in frontend and backend, as well as the further development of the Digital Experience strategy and existing projects for long-term and sustainable growth. 

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