Intel and Concept Reply join forces to pioneer AI-Powered Advancements in Self-Driving Vehicle Safety

6 March 2024

Concept Reply, a leader in IoT solutions in the Reply network announces the launch of a groundbreaking AI-driven innovation poised to transform the safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicles, in collaboration with Intel. Drawing on their collective expertise, this advanced AI solution enables precise traffic light detection, bolstering road safety in urban environments.

At the core of this solution lies CARLA, a sophisticated platform designed to simulate complex car sensor functionalities, including GPS, LIDAR, and accelerometers. CARLA facilitates precise simulations of various driving scenarios, such as nighttime driving and diverse weather conditions. This innovative approach allowed to fine-tune the algorithms and elevate the precision of the solution.

Ensuring the reliability and precision of CARLA's robust capabilities demands extensive machine learning training. Traditionally, GPUs have been the preferred choice for this task. However, in light of the current shortage of GPUs, Concept Reply pursued innovative alternatives. In this pursuit, Intel emerged as the perfect choice. 

Intel stands as a prominent industry leader, shaping groundbreaking hardware, software, and service technologies. They specialize in embedding intelligence and AI across the entire spectrum of computing devices, from the cloud to the edge, thus unlocking the full potential of data.

This is what drew Concept Reply to Intel, in addition to the expert collaboration and perseverance to accomplish this goal. The result delivered a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates with cloud instances, optimized by Intel. This cutting-edge platform possesses the flexibility to dynamically scale, effortlessly accommodating varying numbers of vehicles during peak hours while efficiently conserving resources during quieter times and running with sustainable computing in mind.

By pioneering this AI-driven solution in collaboration with Intel, Concept Reply aims to set new benchmarks in autonomous vehicle safety. Beyond its application in self-driving cars, this solution also extends its benefits to individuals with color blindness or color vision deficiencies (CVD), contributing to safer roads for everyone.

To learn more about this groundbreaking solution, click here.

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Concept Reply
Concept Reply specializes in the research, development, and validation of innovative solutions in the IoT (Internet of Things) field, with a focus on automotive, manufacturing, and smart infrastructure sectors. Today, we are recognized as a center of expertise and excellence in Testing and Quality Assurance and include a Business Unit that specializes in this service. Thanks to our laboratories and to an international team of professionals specializing in the QA and Validation fields, we are able to offer companies end-to-end support for the validation of products and services, while also optimizing costs and time-to-market.

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