Important information about coronavirus to customers

20 March 2020

Dear REPLY Customer,

faced with uncertainties of a scale without precedence, we at REPLY are united in our concern about the health and safety of our families, colleagues, customers, business partners and friends of REPLY. Our thoughts are with those, who are personally affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Many communities are confronted with drastic measures to contain or slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. This situation is developing into a challenge for humanity on an international scale and it demands discipline and solidarity from each and every one of us. In this situation, we would like to share more information on which measures REPLY is taking, to ensure that we can continue providing our services to support you in the best way possible.

REPLY Assurance for Customers

REPLY business-, support-, and delivery-teams have developed plans to respond to COVID-19, while safeguarding the health of our employees and minimising the impact on the delivery of services to you.

REPLY puts the following measures in place in order to ensure continuous business operations:

  • Remote Working: For the majority of teams, operations can be upheld through remote working solutions, enabling teams to work off-site for most tasks. Wherever possible, REPLYERS are working isolated from each other, relying on digital communication channels to mitigate infection risks. Social distancing and hygiene protocols have been established in accordance with guidelines from official health authorities.
  • Safety On-Site:When on-site work is required, employees spend the minimum amount of time at the sites to reduce the number of people at a single location. Access to data centre areas is restricted to operations personnel only and is conducted according to strict hygiene protocols.
  • Our Partners: REPLY operations are conducted in cooperation with a number of strategic partners and we are in contact with them to ensure they apply comparable mitigation practices within their teams.

For the maintenance and support functions of REPLY, we have created plans that can be activated when required. All internal systems are designed to allow remote operation.

In addition to the measures above, REPLY actively supports organisations in maintaining operations using digital communication channels. You can learn more about this in our website’s Smart Working and Digital Workplace section. For companies interested in the impact of the Coronavirus on consumer and business behaviour we provide data-driven information in our COVID-19 Report.

It’s serious – we take it seriously

REPLY has established a dedicated task force to coordinate all efforts around the COVID-19 situation and provide guidance to REPLY staff.

Measures are continuously adapting to the evolving situation and include:

  • Advising all employees to work remotely as much as possible to keep the occupancy of the offices low. Nevertheless, REPLY offices remain open to carry out necessary activities on site.
  • Implementing restrictions to common spaces, meeting rooms, break areas, etc. to guarantee safety distances between people.
  • Initiating split-team options and select staff segregation for business-critical roles and functions.
  • Cancellation or postponement of physical events planned for March and April, and evaluating which events will be delivered as a virtual experience.
  • Restriction of virtually all employee travel. Exceptions will be determined by REPLY management in consultation with our customers and in accordance with government regulations.
  • Extending our order to conduct only business-critical travel until the end of April, which, as always, is subject to local regulatory guidance and restrictions.

In these uncertain times, our top priority remains protecting the safety and well-being of our employees while ensuring business continuity for REPLY and for our customers, who rely on our support and services.

We will monitor the evolution of the situation closely and will proactively communicate novel forms of support which we can offer. For further questions, please reach out to your personal point of contact at REPLY.

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