Geox takes a step forward with its new website

6 May 2024

Triplesense Reply and Retail Reply supported Geox in its major ongoing brand renewal project, taking care of the digital store redesign. The initiative is part of a larger context: the brand aims to establish ongoing relationships with consumers and further consolidate its relevance in the market.

The platform was reshaped to give a more appealing look and feel of Geox and its products. Technology-wise, it was renewed through a replatforming process: keeping the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud technology at the base, it was switched from SiteGenesis to SFRA version to gain new features and improve content management.
A global change, already online in the first markets, which involved User Experience and User Interface design (handled by Triplesense Reply) and development activities, integration with pre-existing systems and content arrangement (handled by Retail Reply). With this restyling, Geox underscores one of its intentions: that all people have a way to give their everyday life a premium touch.

The work was structured at each stage on the basis of four key pillars:

- Conversions aims to become, with its new look, the company's most profitable store. One of the key goals concerns conversion rate growth, achieved by making the user experience more target-oriented and suggesting tailored products, opportunities and services (for women, men and children).

- Branding
Following a broad path of transformation, Geox intends to position itself as a lifestyle brand. The new site is not just a shopping outlet for footwear and apparel, but an environment to welcome people, engage them all-around, and inspire them.

- Loyalty
Benefeet is Geox's omnichannel loyalty program, enhanced in the new site and pushed with email marketing activities. Triplesense Reply restudied the program's visual identity, and redesigned its entryways along the customer journey, with callbacks on the homepage, in the personal area, and in Product Listing Pages.

- Omnichannel
With the new site, Geox's omnichannel approach becomes central. The user experience is developed in a circular fashion, embracing physical stores and online, in order to facilitate purchase and increase satisfaction.

The result is a platform that moves from e-commerce to e-boutique: sales-oriented and rich in inspiring content, personalized, for a seamless experience.

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Triplesense Reply
Triplesense Reply, Reply's Creative and Design Consulting Agency, is specialized in digital communication, user centered design, interaction between Brands and people. We integrate technological and strategic know-how with a strong creative vocation.

Retail Reply
Retail Reply is the Reply Group company specializing in digital and business consulting in the retail sector. Through customer-centric solutions and intelligent use of technology, we help retailers innovate, delivering tangible value at every stage of the evolutionary process.

Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio.
Account & Project Manager: Stefano Alinovi, Francesca Boetto, Sara Corinaldesi
UX Lead: Jacopo Moretto
UX Designer: Emma Pongetti
UI Lead: Andrea Gilardi
UI Designer: Arianna Passaggio
Copywriter Lead: Chiara Fissore
Copywriter: Luisa Zhou
UX/UI Frontend Lead: Francesca Boetto
Frontend Lead: Dan Teodorescu
Salesforce Commerce Expert & Solution Architect: Abdelaziz Sifeddine
Data Strategist: Marco Cavaliere

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