Netcomm Forum 2020

Reply participates in the digital edition of Netcomm Forum Live, a fair dedicated to the world of Fashion & Lifestyle and Food & Grocery.

October 06 - October 07, 2020

Reply at Netcomm Forum 2020

Reply is participating in the digital edition of Netcomm Forum Live, an event dedicated to the world of Fashion & Lifestyle and Food & Grocery. The fair runs for two days, during which participants will be able to learn about, discuss and redesign their digital and distribution strategies in the Retail & E-Commerce, Ai & Data Intelligence, Payment, Logistics, Legal & Fiscal and Esport areas.

Reply, as Platinum Sponsor, is participating with a range of companies from its Network that are actively engaged in these sectors.

Follow our parallel sessions!

How to get the most out of your marketing spending in times of uncertainty or budget cuts

In this talk by Envision Reply, our experts Marco Abbondi and Irene Buonanno will illustrate the main sector trends by analysing ROI maximization strategies from a business point of view and highlighting the advantages of adopting Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning & AI) and Martech solutions.

Voice of customer: improve quality and profitability of commerce services through effective listening

Adoption of Qualtrics permits to acquire and analyze in a proactive and effective way the data collected directly from customers, and to intersect them with the ones produced by commerce channels, to gain evidence and operational suggestions to enhance Customer eXperience. An Experience Management project is about a continuous improvement of all processes related to communication and selling. A wide range of success cases in Retail markets proves how reputation enhancement and brand awareness goes hand in hand with higher effectiveness in the market, with customers more satisfied and higher revenues for the company.

Virtual Interactive Showroom: the "new normal" approach to present and sell products

Social distancing and our new purchasing habits, constraints on travel and on travel times and costs are driving companies to reconsider the methods of engagement and online purchasing, both in the B2C and the B2B channels. In particular, in the Fashion and Luxury world, brands must quickly redesign their approach to the presentation of collections and sale, by trying to involve and satisfy their customers. In order to engage the customer, transmitting the differentiating values of the brand and ensuring the typical e-commerce functionality, it is necessary to imagine new ways of interacting, by exploiting the full potential of 3D technologies for the creation and virtualisation of environments and products.

Supply Chain visibility: the new frontier for the optimisation of business processes

Unforeseen market events, consumers that expect personalised interactions with their favourite brands, and competitors that are only a click away. These are just some of the forces driving the need for an enhancement of the visibility of products and operational processes, for smart, agile and optimised supply chains. The leading brands in the retail sector have understood the huge value of their data and have acquired visibility software solutions to transform this data into actionable information to empower decision-making and boost your business.Discover how LEA Reply ™ Visibility, combined with your enterprise data, can bring your company on the road to success. In this session, we will talk you about: which are the benefits of a visibility system, what makes our LEA Reply™ Visibility stand out and how LEA Reply™ Visibility helped our clients to improve their performances and gain an edge over the competition, through a focus on two customer success cases.

One size does not fit all! Discover ai in retail

How to leverage Machine Learning algorithms to drive business decisions in the Retail scenario? On one hand, you can analyse product data feeds to optimize product performances, both in terms of sales and replenishment, during the whole life-cycle. On the other hand, you can analyse customer behaviour to predict customer preferences and adopt a one-to-one marketing strategy. But how to turn words into facts? During our session we will share our experience on different business cases of the Retail sector, deepening into the L’Oreal use case. We'll talk about increasing sales, reducing costs, optimizing prices, increase retention: but this is just the beginning.