Cyber Security Lab Cologne

Cyber Security for Digital Transformation

09 November 2021,
02:00 pm - 05:00 pm CET
Oskar-Jäger-Straße 173, 50825 Cologne
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Testing and simulation

In the new Reply demo and test lab in Cologne, cyber security get’s tangible. IT or OT specialists and managers can experience potential attacks on their hardware and software as well as effective defence options.

At several stations for testing and simulating possible attacks, visitors can learn how hacker attacks are carried out and what options there are to protect themselves. The Cyber Security Lab includes several stations for testing and simulating attack vectors, threat modelling and controller and device hacking with industry-standard hardware and software components, providing access to the latest security solutions and tools. They help protect the privacy of people, businesses and processes.

In addition to cross-industry tests and (live) demonstrations, the focus is on consulting on topics such as adaptive cloud security, secure software development, security-oriented network infrastructures and application and data security. Companies that rely on agile development, cloud computing or remote work receive security assessments for the various use cases to rule out disruptions to existing cyber security models.

Hands-on Security

During the opening of the Cyber Security Lab on 09 November 2021, Reply and their partners offer visitors the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics of Industrial IoT and Cyber Security, IT Security for IT and OT Environments and Cyber Security in Industrial Control System (ICS).

In their presentations, the experts take a look at the impact of digital transformation on cyber security, present a holistic cyber security for IT and OT environments and provide insights into cyber security of ICS based on experience from 1.000 installations. The live demonstrations include live hacking in a production and building control system environment.


Reply Cyber Security Lab Opening

09 November 2021 in Cologne
02:00 pm - 05:00 pm CET followed by an exchange of ideas with finger food and drinks
02:00 pm - 02:30 pm
Welcome and registration
02:30 pm - 02:35 pm
Kai Uwe Ernst
02:35 pm - 02:45 pm
Heiner von Brachel
02:45 pm - 03:15 pm
INDUSTRIAL IOT Cyber Security: A reality check
What impact does the digital transformation have on cyber security? In his presentation, Ibrahim Köse addresses the current challenges. He presents the most important results and conclusions of the study "Industrial IoT: A Reality Check", which Reply conducted together with Teknowlogy. IIoT interconnectivity opens up opportunities for business optimisation, but also represents a cyber risk due to the multitude of OT and IoT objects and protocols. Cyber security for IoT is a huge market, estimated to grow up to €25 billion over the next five years.
Ibrahim Köse
Spike Reply
03:15 pm - 03:45 pm
Industrial Security Fabric for Operational Technology (OT)
The Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture (PERA) is a model for enterprise architectures and can be used very well for defining security zones in critical infrastructures. However, it must be implemented correctly. This is exactly what the Fortinet Security Fabric platform does.

In this presentation, Daniel Buhmann shows how holistic cyber security for IT and OT environments can look like at all levels - across the entire Purdue model to the cloud.
Daniel Buhmann
03:45 pm - 04:00 pm
Coffee break
04:00 pm - 04:30 pm
Cyber Security in ICS - experience from 1.000 installations
In this presentation, Jürgen Bauer gives an insight into securing ICS/OT systems, typical stumbling blocks in evaluations of security systems and which use cases can be mapped.
Jürgen Bauer
Nozomi Networks
04:30 pm - 05:00 pm
Live ICS Security Demo
Live security hacking in a production and building control system environment
Maurice Al-Khaliedy
Spike Reply
from 05:00 pm
Demo ICS Security and Swarm Robotics
Exchange of thoughts with finger food & drinks


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Nozomi Networks


Spike Reply


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