Reply at Aws re:Invent 2021

November 29 - December 3 | Las Vegas, NV

Join us at AWS re:Invent 2021

After last year’s all-virtual conference, AWS re:Invent 2021, one of the biggest event for the global cloud computing community, will be a mix of in-person and virtual experiences.

Reply, with its companies specialized on AWS technologies, Airwalk Reply, Comsysto Reply, Data Reply, Sense Reply and Storm Reply, is present at re:Invent's expo as Gold Consulting sponsor.

Meet our experts (Booth #1177) to know more how we can help you to transform and connect your business in cloud.

Transform and connect your business in cloud

At our booth, we will showcase and present real use cases on three main streams.

Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing

Discover how to apply Neural Machine Transation to simplify Social Media content creation. This demo illustrates how the production quality deployment of state of the art ML translations models can be accomplished via a Sagemaker based architecture. This translation capability is demonstrated on social media data pulled directly from Twitter. The inclusion of advanced metrics which monitor translation confidence, together with the hybrid CPU/GPU architecture necessary to support them, are showcased.

In addition, we will show how to model different business contexts using an accelerated computing approach and our calculation engine: MegaQUBO. MegaQUBO is a ready-to-use software component that enables faster delivery of real business projects where Combinatory Optimization is needed. This Quantum-inspired solver can manage complex optimization models in an extraordinarily short computational time, exploiting the power of Quantum-inspired Optimization to provide high-quality solutions. Available both as a cloud-based and on-premises solution, it currently runs on GPUs production environments, and it has been tested extensively to run on QPUs.

Internet of Things

Discover how we supported Grohe to develop an IoT platform using native AWS services to enable high scalability and flexibility of the IoT architecture. The IoT serverless platform on AWS is the last stage of the cloud adoption path started few years before.

In addition we will show how we supported Schenck Process to become a digital services provider thanks to a serverless and modular IoT platform that today acts as the backbone for rapid and constant feature updates following the real-life challenges of Schenck Process' customers and processes.

Also, our deployable and repeatable IoT solution, AMP, aimed at enabling client's adoption of AWS IoT services and realize the business benefits of their IoT use cases will be presented.

Serverless Computing

Discover how we supported Volkswagen Financial Services to move to the cloud and to improve the accessibility of its customers' data with a Customer Information Data Platform. This new Customer Data Platform allows to reduce OpEx utilising the pay-per-use model and to be more customer centric.

In addition we will show how Reply, with AWS solution Amazon Connect, is supporting organizations to deliver great omnichannel customer service at a lower cost with an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center. Amazon Connect makes it easy to automate interactions, understand customer sentiment, authenticate callers, and enable capabilities like interactive voice response (IVR) and chatbots

Also, our solution MODFRAME, aimed at modernizing mainframes will be presented. For traditional financial services companies looking to compete against neo banks, MODFRAME is the right solution to enable on this journey.

We are ready! Reply @ AWS re:Invent 2021

Reply, an AWS premier consulting partner, provides solutions on AWS that range from digital transformation consultancy to managed services. Part of the MSP program with 400+ AWS certifications and 12 certified competencies as Migration, Security, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Energy, Oracle and DevOps, Industrial Software, SaaS, Financial Services and Retail, Reply implements customer tailored platforms as well as ready-to-use solutions with fast time-to-market natively built on the AWS infrastructure.

Meet our experts at AWS re:Invent (Booth #1177)