Discover AppSheet: Google's NoCode Platform

Join the event dedicated to exploring the possibilities offered by AppSheet, Google's NoCode platform, which allows you to quickly create apps for mobile devices, tablets, or desktops.

March 20th, 2024
09:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Google Cloud Italia - Federico Confalonieri, 4 - 20124 - Milan

Take your company's digitisation process to the next level

Join the event dedicated to exploring the possibilities offered by AppSheet, Google's NoCode platform. Through AppSheet, users can quickly create apps for mobile devices, tablets, or desktops that connect to data and allow for automation of tasks, thus increasing productivity.

During the event, Go Reply will also present the adoption framework designed to further optimise the development time and costs of apps.

A particularly significant moment of the event will be the testimony of Leroy Merlin Italia, sharing their experiences and insights, offering a unique opportunity for learning and exchanging best practices for all participants.

The event will highlight the key benefits of AppSheet:

- Codeless development: Users can create apps without writing a single line of code;
- Rapid deployment: Apps can be deployed on any device within minutes;
- Data integration: AppSheet integrates with various data sources;
- Workflow automation: AppSheet can automate workflows and processes;



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Low code and no code today: AppSheet in the current technological landscape


AppSheet and Leroy Merlin Italia


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Go Reply and the adoption framework of AppSheet



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