Case Study

Net Sure: the user-friendly & multi-service insurance

The innovative technological platform offering a portfolio of insurance services customisable to meet customers' needs.

A new way of accessing insurance services

Customising the insurance offer by guaranteeing the possibility for each end-user to select specific services in a rapid and user-friendly manner: driven by this goal, Net Insurance, a leading Italian insurance company in the field of protection solutions for families and businesses, has requested the support of Connect Reply to develop a B2B2C platform that is totally innovative within the European panorama.

Designed for Utilities, Telco and personal services, Net Sure represents a unique solution in which value-based services can be integrated and activated through a subscription, making the offer tailor-made for each user.

The benefits for businesses and consumers

Net Sure, first of all, enables B2B insurance services in a 'turnkey' solution designed to best meet the specific needs of client companies, by grafting services away from their core-business with the involvement of a series of specialised partners put together by Connect Reply and Net Insurance. For client companies, the advantage is significant: the burden of activating the insurance services to be integrated into their offer is fully coordinated by Net Insurance and Connect Reply, freeing them from the management process.

In addition, by pursuing a B2B2C model, Net Sure also guarantees benefits for end consumers, who receive from a single point of contact multiple services, which would otherwise only be activated through individual agreements. This leads to a reduction in complexity and considerable cost savings due to the possibility of cross-selling, in addition to the ease of use guaranteed by the platform: simple, transparent and mobile-friendly.

The role of Connect Reply

Connect Reply, thanks to its expertise, acts as an integrator and tailor-made service provider in the platform, and is responsible for the app with which the end customer benefits from the services themselves, effectively combining an innovative customer experience with the devices required to deliver the services. Connect Reply is also responsible for monitoring access and operation of the app, ensuring the efficient running of processes and the consumer's digital journey.

Within the application, Connect Reply is able to implement various functionalities : from the purchase and management of coverages to the management of claims, through the monitoring of IoT devices, to notifications and alerts. The services for home care are designed to suit the needs of even the most vulnerable in our communities, making it possible to call for emergency service professionals such as locksmiths, electricians, and plumbers, or activate home delivery of medicines.


Net Insurance is an insurance company whose objective is to offer protection solutions dedicated to the person, the family and to small and medium enterprises. Its history, financial solidity, agility and innovative products and approaches make Net Insurance unique in the Italian insurance scene: it’s an evolving company with an eye to the future.

Connect Reply


Connect Reply is the Reply Group company established to create end-to-end solutions based on ecosystems of connected products and services. Connect Reply has a unique team of experienced designers of digital services and connected products, and software architects and developers with many years of experience in firmware, cloud and front-end domains: their consolidated skills, together with dedicated labs and a series of state-of-the-art software accelerators, simplify and speed up the design and development of solutions, minimising technology and process risks and maximising the chances of success.