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AXULUS: Industrial IoT value scaling accelerator

From use case to solution roll-out in 30 minutes.

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Industrial digitalization at the speed of light


AXULUS is Reply’s accelerator for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): As an integrated tool chain it provides a step-by-step methodology to identify use case ideas, configure solutions and roll them out with scalable implementation workflows. It is based on a subscription model for users and partners and enables the to definition, design and development of industrial projects that continuously generate value at scale and speed.

With pre-defined templates and libraries, users can drive digital innovation. The open Use Case and Solution Design Wizard enables users to preload recipes, configure solutions and scale their roll-out across a global industrial network. In addition, partners can bring in their expertise to design solutions or provide services for digitalization.

How it works

Scaling value from Industrial IoT in just 3 steps

Defining a use case

The Axulus Use Case Wizard helps experts to shape a clear use case for IIoT. Each use case requires clearly defined and measurable added value. This makes sure the solution is about the application and not only the technology. Loading pre-filled and customizable Use Case templates speeds up the innovation process.

Designing IIoT solutions and preparing roll-outs

Based on a pre-defined use case the Axulus Solution Design Wizard empowers users to quickly configure IIoT solutions. Users can add solution elements and links from a database, identify missing elements and add the elements to a preferred R&D management environment such as JIRA. The added roll-out workflow can then be executed onsite.

Searching for solutions and installing them onsite

Axulus enables available IIoT solutions which help achieve operational performance targets to be browsed in scope. Teams can be assigned to a step-by-step executable implementation workflow. Central support by the solution designer will speed up the implementation.


Accelerating IIoT from definition to roll-out

Role concept management

The Axulus role concept supports design management, development and roll-out processes across all necessary internal or external stakeholders. This enables self-driven, continuous innovation cycles, while applying central standards for processes and approvals in order to uphold quality bars.

The IOT use case wizard

The simple five step Use Case Wizard allows every expert in the field to contribute their use cases to Axulus. This way platform users can get hands-on with relevant IIoT Use cases with a clearly defined added value.

A drag and drop functionality enables the design and configuration of the technical solution for a specified and released Use Case. Axulus guides users through the solution and element database, highlighting elements or links which still need to be developed.

The IIot Use Case Wizard can integrate with a preferred development management system (like JIRA) to drive forward the implementation of missing elements in an efficient and effective manner.

Roll-out and workflows

A technical solution is only an idea as long as there is no clear specification on how to install and run it in the field. Axulus provides a scalable means to define step-by-step workflows to be executed for installation of IIoT solutions onsite.

Teams can be assigned, enabled online and execute tasks. In addition, so called “Execution Checkpoints” make sure that during installation the onsite team can regularly check back with the central experts to make sure everything is installed correctly.

The community of IIOT value scalers

As an open innovation and value scaling system, Axulus offers multiple ways to leverage expert know-how on IIoT solutions from different parties. The Axulus Online Community offers an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and grow the knowledge base.

The community collects solutions or solution elements and support, contributed and shared by suppliers. Not only ideas, hands-on help is also available via Axulus. Installation experts are ready to guide users through their launch plan or even support them onsite.

With a structured and easy approach Axulus is tailored to bring together ideas and expertise in a way that fits to the organization’s needs during ramp-up:

From customization of the user interface and layout for the organization and use case, down to a structured walk through and kick-off concept to make projects with Axulus successful with.

Continuous AI based learning

As Axulus provides a highly structured process and data structure to define IIoT Use Cases, solutions and roll-out workflows, it lays out the basis for AI based learning. This leads toward the improvement of an enterprise’s IIoT innovation process.

Users can build solution recommendation engines, identify challenges for solution roll-outs automatically and drive the identification of use cases, solutions and roll-outs based on an existing knowledge base.


Want to become an AXULUS partner?

Joining the AXULUS Partner Portal opens the door to hands-on help from the AXULUS team to jointly win in the market.

Offer solutions

After designing a solution to be scaled with Axulus, businesses can provide promotion rights to Reply.
This way partners build and provide value adding IIoT solutions for their customers. Furthermore this drives the proliferation and value generation from the partner‘s designs via Axulus.

Offer services

Partners can provide consulting or integration services as a part of an Axulus solution template. Software development companies for example can provide development services. Integration businesses can connect with customers to help launch Axulus onsite.

Become a reseller

Channel-partners can become resellers of Axulus. By integrating Axulus into their own offering, with the platform partners support their customers scaling solutions and services.