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Prove your health status without revealing personal data

New Health Credential solution to aid facilities and individuals through GDPR compliant digital health status certificates.

Rethinking how to return to normality: a Global Health Solution

With today's desperate need to get the UK and wider global economy back up and running rapidly, there's interest in a tiered approach that involves the presentation of a Health Credential. To be able to implement such tools effectively however, they must be secured to prevent fraud, cybersecurity risks, and misuse of data leading to population mistrust in government systems. As more of the world now rapidly moves online, digital solutions are becoming more susceptible to such misuse.

Thus we propose an entirely novel approach that employs secure distributed computing infrastructure to create a simple, readable, QR code based health credential application, that can be utilised across every industry.

Simple app to enable people to reconnect with society

The simple, easy to use application utilises an advanced cryptographic method that enables the validation of a piece of data without the need to access that data. This enables a regulatory body to scan the digital certificate and verify individual health status, without revealing detailed information about that individual.


All personal data remains stored within healthcare system's infrastructure, and no copying or storage is possible onto devices.

By leveraging this cryptographic method we've created a non-discriminatory tool that will not encourage people to contract the virus.

Preparing for future battles and encouraging swift business recoveries

This approach can also be used to prevent a similar situation from occurring during the potential second wave of infections, and in future health crises, while also enabling swifter recovery of industries such as aviation, tourism, art and culture. To date, no such application for this technology has been developed, and this project will be the first to launch and test this in practice, putting the UK on the map for using innovation to speed up post pandemic economic recovery.

Benefits include:

✔ Reopening of large gathering venues and travel while reducing the risk of outbreak

✔ Enabling workplaces to reopen while reducing the need for heavy social distancing measures

✔ Providing a highly secure tool for personal sensitive data (passport details, citizen health, vaccination status, immunization, visa status)


How does it work?

ISSUE: The issuer sends the health evidence to the user’s mobile device.

REQUEST: The controller queries the user’s app by scanning it.

AUTHORISE: The user authorises the controller to receive his/her health credential.

PROVE: The controller receives the user’s health credential without seeing any of his/her personal data.

Innovate UK Grant

We won a grant from Innovate UK as part of their competition in Business-led innovation in response to global disruption. The competition awarded 800 projects amongst over 8,000 submissions.

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