Case Study

Smurfs Bluville village for Kinder Sorpresa

Bitmama’s creative and strategic consultancy has inspired Bluville, a play experience set in the village of the much-loved Smurfs. The game takes up the story from the film “The Smurfs 2” and extends it into an original story for the little ones to enjoy.

4 mini games test players’ memory, sense of rhythm, speed and accuracy while stimulating the youngsters’ various cognitive skills. The activities are all aimed at organising a surprise party for Smurfette. So players need to prepare the presents and potions, lead the band, and ensure that everything is working. Every feature has been designed to get the children involved and to make them feel that their contribution is vital for a happy outcome.

Naturally, Kinder had lots of surprises in store along the way, like ambushes from Gargamel to overcome, and special gifts to unwrap when the mission is accomplished. And the fun continues with Mum and Dad away from the computer, with boredom-busting riddles, magic tricks, and play activities.

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