Case Study

Launching a new service for the elderly

We supported the largest American health insurance company in launching an online digital platform tailored for older adults in the United States with the goal of reducing loneliness and promoting a happier and healthier life by connecting like-minded users both virtually and in the real world.

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our goal

Designing and launching a digital platform for 65+ seniors

our method

Building the foundation

We worked from the get-go as a single group with a team of elderly design and gerontology experts, merging their expertise in the older adult market with our own expertise in building digital products and services.
The first outcome of this close collaboration was the identification of a target customer archetype and a clear value proposition that convey both functional and emotional value to prospective users.


Making it real

After an initial research phase, the team worked on the definition of 3 polarised concepts that revolved around 3 distinct propositions, then converged into a single concept.
Through foundational and evaluative user research, conducted across different nations with end-users, the team gather early insights and validates the solutions.

Experience implementation

We designed and implemented several, progressive MVPs by leveraging the back-end capabilities and front-end framework, being able to evolve design screens to an initial working product in less than 7 weeks.
The project started with a concept phase in 2019 and is now towards a Pilot with a forecast of over 1.5 billion users.


An AI-enabled experience

The experience on the platform is enhanced by Olana, a conversational interface that guides the user through their journey of finding relevant content and people leveraging AI and machine learning technologies.


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