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Synthetic data generator

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Synthetic data refers to artificially generated data that has the same characteristics and statistical properties as real data. It is indistinguishable from original data and can be generated in large quantities, offering a scalable and reliable solution to meet the growing demand for data.


Data quality, collection and labelling

Data management is an increasingly complex challenge that, in some cases, can be resolved by increasing the amount of data available. In other cases, even with a considerable amount of data, ensuring their quality requires significant efforts. Data collection and data labelling can require considerable time and resources, as it is essential to guarantee regulatory compliance and data security.

Additionally, the GDPR imposes strict restrictions on the use and processing of personal data, adding another level of complexity to data management. Addressing these challenges requires effective strategies and a constant commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and security.


Generating reliable and unbiased datasets

From the analysis of our clients' needs regarding synthetic data generation, Target Reply has developed a solution capable of speeding up the process of synthetic data generation, useful for data scientists in model development. The use of synthetic data allows the generation of reliable and unbiased artificial datasets, significantly simplifying the collection and management of traditional data. This leads to a reduction in operational business costs and facilitates data sharing in compliance with the GDPR.

Single training, unlimited data

With a single training, it is possible to generate an unlimited amount of data at any time, allowing for high scalability.

Integrated quality report

The generated data is accompanied by a quality report, which provides a detailed assessment of the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the generated data.

Integrable in on-premise and cloud environments

This ensures broad flexibility in implementation and adaptability to needs, guaranteeing a custom solution and optimal data management.

Automated exploratory analysis

Through exploratory analysis, an easy understanding of the dataset is allowed, enabling a complete exploration of the characteristics and relationships present in the data.


Synthetic data generator:


Discover some of the use cases explored with our clients.

Data monetisation

Data sharing and economic benefit are achieved without compromising the privacy of the original data.

Data science applications

A greater amount of available data allows for the training of more performant Machine Learning models.

Data masking for development

Training a synthetic model to replicate sensitive data allows the use of more realistic data for product development.


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