Product & Accelerator

QuickConnect II

A state-of-the-art framework designed by Cluster Reply to help organisations develop next-generation integration platforms based on Microsoft Azure.

A new era in system integration

Developed by Cluster Reply, the system integrations experts within the Reply group, QuickConnect II reimagines the first version of our successful integration framework (QuickConnect) for the challenges and opportunities of today’s enterprises. It provides the tools and techniques to expedite the creation, while curbing the costs, of intricate integration platforms.

A solid and well refined foundation

Born out of years of expertise and iterative enhancement, QuickConnect II furnishes the foundational elements essential to any integration project, including different key features.

Pre-built integration framework

Operational framework

Azure Landing Zone

Supporting tool and documentation

Key industry connectors and adapters

Pre-built error handling and audit control

iPaaS accelerator

Operational excellence and holistic approach

QuickConnect II is not just about linking systems, it's about creating an efficient and robust operating model. By offering tools that support, monitor, and govern application landscapes, it ensures that businesses can maintain a proactive stance. Leveraging Azure’s multi-region disaster recovery and scalability capabilities it enables uninterrupted service and flexibility.

From setting the foundation to deploying the most intricate integrations, QuickConnect II provides a full spectrum of development tools support and methodologies. The inclusion of an SDK packed with development tools support, DevOps templates, test frameworks, and best practice documentation illustrates its holistic approach.

Benefits at a glance

Rapid deployment

Get your integrations up and running by the end of the first sprint, ensuring no time is lost in preliminaries.

Modular and upgradeable

QuickConnect II offers a modular and upgradable approach, ensuring businesses can remain on the cutting edge of integration technology.

Error detection

Pre-built error handling helps reduce the impact of data problems and API conflicts.


Supportable and scalable

Designed for the future, QuickConnect II ensures seamless businesses seamless business scaling accompanied by robust support.


Microsoft only technology

QuickConnect II only uses Azure Integration components and other Azure services.


Uncompromised security

With a focus on minimising attack surfaces and leveraging tools like key vaults, security remains paramount.


Unlock data silos

Silos are roadblocks to business growth and new revenues. QuickConnect II allows businesses to unlock the silos.


Engage with Cluster Reply's experts to explore the transformative potential of QuickConnect II. Unlock your data silos and maximise the value of your data.


Cluster Reply is a Reply Group company specialising in consulting and system integration services based on Microsoft technologies. With a proper knowledge of different market segments and thanks to Microsoft certifications, in the areas of Modern Work, Business Application, Digital & Apps Innovation, Cloud & Infrastructure, Data & AI, IoT & Security, CRM, Low-Code and Sustainability, Cluster Reply create solutions that guarantee efficiency, flexibility and security.