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Our actions to make the European digital ecosystem safer

In partnership with the European Union, Communication Valley Reply is collaborating with leading technology providers as part of a research project focused on improving the European digital ecosystem with respect to different fields of innovation.

Taking on a project Activity Leader and Business Champion role, Communication Valley Reply is contributing its expertise in the cyber security sector while bringing to the market the solutions that emerge and that are engineered as part of the study. Moreover, the Community experience further enhances the company’s expertise as well as its product and services offer in the anti-fraud sector.

Within this framework the company has also launched BehaviouRiSE (Behaviour Risk Score Evaluator), an innovative Communication Valley Reply branded service.

While using online services, each person assumes their own behavioural pattern. The technology developed as part of this project aims to identify and organise this specific pattern as if it were a fingerprint.

BehaviouRiSE analyses these different characteristics to uniquely identify each user. When a malicious user, who has taken possession of a username and password belonging to another user, attempts to login using stolen credentials on a protected system, the solution is able to detect the fraudulent activity by activating an alarm for every inappropriate access identified. By incorporating machine learning technologies, the solution works to reduce fraud by identifying and blocking the attack patterns, even after a theft of credentials.

Thanks to the innovative Cyber Security Operations Center, Communication Valley Reply is a leading provider of managed security services. The Center operates as a control tower and is manned 24/7 by a security team of analysts, system experts and inspectors specialised in real-time monitoring and security device management.

Online fraud is one of the most dangerous types of crime of our age, with the potential to impact all economic system players, from large multinationals to end users. In the banking sector, one of the most delicate in terms of cyber security, BehaviouRiSE is able to protect stakeholders from malicious accesses carried out using stolen credentials. Credentials used to access services such as online banking represent a critical point as they are the subject of constant fraudulent activity, increasingly more persistent and characterised by technologically advanced techniques. This service supports the monitoring systems during the user authentication phase, even when all the codes used to access the individual’s personal online service have been stolen.

The monitoring system, which runs in the background and is invisible to users, does not influence the performance of the banking service in any way. Developed for detecting online fraud, BehaviouRiSE can be used in any sector that requires data protection through a contextual login verification process, not limited to the financial sector. Designed to be integrated with any web or mobile app services that require a login, the solution supports the detection of fraud in various contexts, such as e-commerce platforms. Moreover, BehaviouRiSE can be added to existing authentication processes, as the solution is fully independent with respect to the technology selected by the platform owner.

Communication Valley Reply is the Reply Group company that specialises in the provision of managed security services. Through its Cyber Security Operation Center, which is ISO27001 certified and operates on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, the company provides business continuity and fraud prevention to both mid-sized and large organisations. The services offered by Communication Valley Reply include system and security monitoring, remote SIEM management and optimisation, log management, security device management and network device management. In addition, Communication Valley Reply supplies highly specialised banking fraud detection services that allow online fraud incidents to be identified and the necessary countermeasures to be taken, as well as IT operations packages that allow entire systems to be outsourced on a 24/7 basis.

Communication Valley Reply works closely with major research bodies, international universities and the main technology partners in the sector, with the aim of setting the European benchmark for managed security services.

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