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Your partner for the prevention and operational management of security incidents.

High Profile
Security Team

A team of specialists capable of timely interventions to reduce both response times and exposure to attacks.

Security that
Evolves with You

Premium-level security services that keep pace with your company’s growth and with technological changes.

Security Without Interruption

Guaranteed 24/7 protection, 365 days a year, from the full range of digital and malware hazards.



Best Practice

Reply's new Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC)

This facility specialises in supplying Premium-level security services, customised to fit each client’s own processes, requirements and the specific threats that characterise the sector in which it operates.

Reply’s new Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) acts as a veritable “control tower”, staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, by a team of security analysts, system engineers, security testers and malware specialists.

Early identification and real-time management of security incidents are factors of primary importance in ensuring that organisations benefit from adequate protection for their networks, data and services.

At the Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC), a team of experts carries out real-time monitoring activities, security assessments and security system management.

The services offered utilise a new security monitoring model built around a first-level support team of highly specialised analysts. This model, even at that first level of support, allows response times to be reduced and the necessary countermeasures to be applied more quickly.

Security and Fraud Management

Best Practice

Communication Valley Reply leader in cyber security is a partner of the European Union

Communication Valley Reply has partnered with the European Union on a research project aimed at improving the security of the European digital ecosystem with the addition of an advanced and immediate user control process designed to prevent online fraud.

Cyber Security Operation Center - H24x365 days a year protection

The analysts' work starts with the Before phase in which the exposed area is analysed and the most advanced technologies are adopted. The next phase is the During one where through the tools of the CSOC the attack is intercepted and blocked. The final phase is the After. In this phase the countermeasures are put in place to prevent future risks.
the Cyber
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Cyber Security Management

Our Cyber Security Management services are designed to guarantee “core” security management services for the client. The security monitoring service represents the principal means of identifying and handling security incidents.

The service relies on collecting and correlating events arising from the client’s infrastructure, systems and applications. All of the information is collected by our Advanced Security Analytics platform, which facilitates the analysis of events from a variety of sources and from different customers.

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Fraud Management

The proliferation of online and multi-channel services has seen an increase in fraudulent activity, in terms of both volume and complexity. Such practices generally involve the attempted theft of identity, personal details or other information that can be used to commit fraud.

Our Fraud Management services are focused on detecting and analysing malware on a variety of devices, identifying and closing down clone sites that are used for phishing campaigns, analysing fraudulent financial transactions and, in the case of complex fraud, responding to security incidents through measures including forensic analysis.

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Managed Network Security

The aim of our Managed Network Security services is to provide operational management of network infrastructures. This allows network structures to be managed in a unified way, bringing consistency to the access and administration systems associated with service facilities operated by the Cyber Security Operation Center’s clients.

A single management console allows system engineers to act in a structured and organised fashion, both when handling incidents and when carrying out either regular or special administration tasks such as patching, tuning or applying changes.

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Enterprise Mobility Services

Our Enterprise Mobility Services assist clients in the management of mobile devices and applications so as to ensure full compatibility with mobile device management platforms while also complying with security principles.

In response to the increasing use of personal devices within the enterprise (BYOD or “bring your own device”), the Cyber Security Operation Center is able to support clients in developing their BYOD strategies and delivering end-user computing services. The aim is to maximise potential benefits without neglecting issues related to security practice compliance.

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A specific range of services differentiated for major industries

The Cyber Security Operation Center team at Communication Valley Reply, originally created to respond to security incidents at banks and financial institutions, now also offers its assets and expertise to organisations operating in other equally complex environments, such as the retail, manufacturing and utility sectors.

Communication Valley Reply

Communication Valley Reply is the Reply Group company that specialises in the provision of managed security services. Through its Cyber Security Operation Center, which is ISO27001 certified and operates on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, the company provides business continuity and fraud prevention to both mid-sized and large organisations. The services offered by Communication Valley Reply include system and security monitoring, remote SIEM management and optimisation, log management, security device management and network device management. In addition, Communication Valley Reply supplies highly specialised banking fraud detection services that allow online fraud incidents to be identified and the necessary countermeasures to be taken, as well as IT operations packages that allow entire systems to be outsourced on a 24/7 basis.

Communication Valley Reply works closely with major research bodies, international universities and the main technology partners in the sector, with the aim of setting the European benchmark for managed security services.

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