Case Study

Software architecture at the service of a better customer experience

Glue Reply helps Inchcape enhance customer experience and deliver to the diverse market demands


Inchcape operates in 32 countries around the globe. Inchcape works with a variety of automotive brands with a unique need of customer engagement and business process requirements in each market. An enterprise CRM solution that is consistent for all the markets at the same time fulfilling the diverse needs was essential to remain relevant and sustain growth.

Glue Reply's approach

Glue Reply is part of the global integration team, designing and delivering APIs hosted on a iPaaS to meet market demands. The data required for the centrally managed business processes are integrated to a global SaaS (Salesforce) CRM and later published to interested consumers from various markets through a API led integration approach using Mulesoft.

The API design applies a three layered (system, process & experience) domain driven approach to enable a data oriented integration which relieves markets to build their own self-managed custom solutions.


Glue Reply's solution has allowed the API led integration to fit the purpose whilst serving a variety of unique market demands with a very flexible, well managed and controlled architecture catering for future needs.



Inchcape operates in 32 countries as a key strategic partner to the world’s foremost premium and luxury car brands for whom they engage across every link of the post-factory automotive value chain, providing an effective, well-financed and customer centric route to market for vehicles and parts. Being a leader in the retail and distribution sector of prime automobile brands, Inchcape wants a seamless and unique experience for its customers across different channels and markets. To meet such diverse demands, Inchcape Global IT team has taken up IT programmes like Digital e-commerce, Customer experience, etc. and also to get markets on-boarded to use the global CRM and business spend management systems for various operational benefits.

Glue Reply


Glue Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in optimising IT/Business alignment and minimising the cost of business and IT technology change. Our core proposition is to help organisations maximise the value from their change and technology investments by helping them define, design, implement and resource best practice. Our core focus is based around Integration, Architecture, Microservices and data management platforms, enterprise architecture and business/technology change management processes, roadmaps and competencies; Business design and process management initiatives.