Case Study

SNAP: A multi-channel solution for direct marketing, recommendation and smart targeting

Technology Reply supported Cedacri in the development of a multi-channel solution for direct marketing, recommendation and smart targeting, SNAP.


For an important player in the world of banking outsourcing such as Cedacri, supporting customers with innovative and performing solutions is a fundamental part of business. One of the areas of greater interest concerns marketing, and in particular the effectiveness of commercial actions. Nowadays, it is increasingly more important to offer timely solutions, tailored to the characteristics of end customers, with the aim not only to improve redemption, but also to retain customers.

Thus, the need to create a platform that delivers advanced marketing services was identified, based on the Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies. The complex action scenario in which Cedacri operates requires special attention to aspects concerning security, scalability, robustness and performance. Moreover, the solutions must be configurable and customisable to meet a heterogeneous and demanding clientele.


The answer to these specific needs is SNAP: a multi-channel marketing platform centred on highly innovative technologies. Thanks to SNAP, Cedacri customer banks can take targeted recommendation actions based on the profile of account holders and on their interactions with the mobile banking, ATM and branch channels. The building blocks of the solution are: a Big Data Appliance engineered system, Real Time Decision and NoSQL database components and Machine Learning algorithms developed by Data Scientist Reply.

Today, SNAP is the most complete inbound marketing solution available: it integrates the most common channels and touchpoints and provides for a comprehensive logging functionality designed to analyse the customer journey and offer better direction for future campaigns. Technology Reply, an Oracle Platinum Partner, supported Cedacri during all phases of design, implementation and development of the solution.


Cedacri S.p.A. is the leading Italian company specialised in outsourcing services for the banking industry. With a workforce of over 784 people, Cedacri has over a hundred customers, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and service companies. Cedacri S.p.A. is the leader of a Group of companies that cover the full range of activities relating to outsourcing services: complete outsourcing, facility management, selective outsourcing and system integration, business process outsourcing.

The company’s consolidated turnover exceeds Euro 300 million. Customers who choose to rely on Cedacri’s solutions are able to translate the range of outsourcing capabilities offered into tangible benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs

  • The guarantee of strict and stringent SLAs for monitoring the quality of the service

  • Scalability of the solutions to support growth

  • Availability of consolidated specialist skills


Technology Reply is the Reply group company specialized in the design and implementation of innovative solutions based on Oracle technologies. Thanks to the deep expertise and experience gained in over twenty years of activity, Technology Reply supports  its customers in their innovation and digital transformation processes, with  professionals teams  able to intervene in all phases of the life cycle of complex projects: analysis, design, implementation, roll-out and operation. Through specialization courses and participation in the Beta Programs, Technology Reply, Oracle Platinum and Cloud Select Partner, pursues a process of constant technological and methodological innovation. The capabilities acquired and the trust recognized by the market in more then 20 years of activity, allow Technology Reply to act as a reference partner in the creation of innovative solutions, on premise and on cloud, based on BI, BigData, Machine Learning and AI, SOA & BPM, Information Discovery, eCommerce & Mobile, Identity and Access Management, Operation