Case Study

An Industrial IOT platform for Schenck Process

Schenck Process teamed up with Storm Reply to build a flexible, scalable, serverless, and modular IoT platform enabled by AWS technology: CONiQ® Cloud.

Transforming Schenck Process

Recognizing that its customers needed more than a machine manufacturing expert, Schenck Process and Storm Reply jointly embarked on a digital journey focused on IoT technology. Traditionally being a mechanical engineering company producing for example vibrating plates, Schenck Process has now launched the CONiQ® Cloud, a serverless and modular IoT platform.

The solution was developed together with Storm Reply, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, using the AWS technology stack. With CONiQ® Cloud Schenck Process now sells its customers digital process solutions that enable them to save valuable production time and gain critical insights fast, providing for longer reaction times.

Launching a digital journey

Schenck Process is a global market leader in industrial measuring and process technologies solutions. Schenck Process is aware that it is no longer sufficient to focus on traditional mechanical engineering alone or to just connect existing machines to the cloud. Therefore, the company embarked on a digital transformation journey focusing on the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) to help customers optimize their processes based on data.

Individual IoT development

In close collaboration with the product Owner from Schenck Process, Storm Reply developed a pure AWS based individual IoT solution following an agile approach that ensured all requirements from the various stakeholders were met. For this, the cloud experts relied on the accelerator Storm Innovator.

As a result, Schenck Process not only developed a product for their customers, but it also transformed itself in just 6 months from a classical machine manufacturer into a data-driven and Industry 4.0-ready enterprise.

What Schenck Process really is offering to its customers with this solution is production time - and this is more valuable than anything else.

Benedikt Trumpff
Head of iQ Systems and Services
Schenck Process

CONiQ® Cloud - Industrial IoT platform

A new architecture:
CONiQ® Cloud

Schenck Process teamed up with Storm Reply to build a flexible, scalable, serverless, and modular IoT platform enabled by AWS technology.

Schenck Process offers the solution branded as CONiQ® Cloud to their customers with a number of core IoT functionalities, including organization and machine management, analytics integration, machine and process data visualization, e-mail alerting and secure data connection and streaming to CONiQ® Monitor, the condition-based monitoring sensor system by Schenck Process.

Being serverless, CONiQ® Cloud can scale up or down according to Schenck Process’ needs. This provides a clear economic benefit: the solution only generates costs when it is in use.

Additionally, CONiQ® Cloud is automated which further increases the time and cost effectiveness of the solution. With the future-ready modular structure of this extendable solution, Schenck Process can easily change routings and add new features that bring value to their customers.

The main achievements

Supported by Storm Reply, Schenck Process has successfully transformed itself into a future-proof mechanical engineering expert that is fully Industry 4.0-ready. Furthermore, with the CONiQ® platform they have become a key enabler for their customers to reap the benefits of a highly cost effective and scalable, cloud based IIoT solution, that unlocks further innovative potential.

This includes real-time insights from the monitoring of production processes, the use of Machine Learning for early warning of norm deviation during production and thus Predicted Quality as well as improved planning of maintenance cycles (Predictive Maintenance).

This digital journey allows Schenck Process to reposition themselves towards their customers as a provider of valuable insights and as their partner in finding solutions for their most pressing challenges: to stay competitive and relevant though data driven innovation.

The key benefits

Up to 10 times longer reaction time for the operator
Capture the overall process data including vibration, speed, pressure, temperature, and many more
Correlation of all values by means of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning)
Machine-specific dashboards for maximum transparency
Access to the fleetwide failure pattern database for fast corrective action

CONiQ Cloud® enables data-processing from various sources. It is connectible to any customer system or other IoT Cloud. The solution provides the backbone to bring intelligence to any type of machine and to establish smarter processes.


Schenck Process is a leading global provider of sustainable products, integrated solutions, and services in mission-critical applications for bulk materials. Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany the Group has around 3,000 employees with a presence in over 21 countries across five continents focused on the food and mining market segments, alongside chemicals and performance materials, and infrastructure and energy. The product offering includes solutions for industrial weighing, feeding, conveying, pulverizing and classification, screening, mixing and blending, and associated digital applications.


Storm Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in the design and implementation of Cloud-based services. Storm Reply has an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner’s status, supporting a wide range of medium-large sized Clients in Europe, managing their systems and applications on AWS. Having a consolidated experience for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services, Storm Reply provides a set of end-to-end services for Cloud adoption, the deployment of new applications, and the Cloud environment’s service management.