Case Study

A new way to certify the out-of-home advertising

An innovative system for collecting, processing and distributing the market of information about the correct display of advertising campaigns on out-of-home systems.

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Audioutdoor: verification and certification of out-of-home advertising

Audioutdoor is a JIC created to survey the advertising campaign audiences through the out-of-home in Italy.

Besides processing the audiences, Audioutdoor also verifies the correct execution of the advertising campaigns based on the plans transmitted by the participating dealerships. With a view to technological evolution and to reduce the time needed to issue certifications, the company asked Reply for an advanced system that would cover the entire plan and be certified plant-by-plant, that was as timely as possible and had total flexibility.


The challenge

Create a new information collection and processing system

The collaboration between Audioutdoor with the participating dealerships and Reply aims to create a system for collecting, day by day, the photographs of the plant-by-plant advertising campaigns created by the participating companies and to proceed with verifying the consistency of what was commissioned by the companies that have invested in the out-of-home medium.


Continuous monitoring with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

To meet the need for Audioutdoor, Reply has created a system based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that has guaranteed:
• The constant day by day monitoring of the certified execution of the campaigns, for companies, media centres and participating agencies.
• The acquisition of photographs taken by the billboards at the time of the execution of the campaign, through a certified system that guarantees the reliability of the geolocation data of each billboard.
• The geographical monitoring of campaigns based on traditional systems (posters and street furniture), from large cities to the smallest municipalities.
• The visualisation of reports of the posting plans with the relative progression of the posting and the calculation of a set of KPIs useful to the customer in daily business analysis.
• Exportable available reports.

In this way, it was possible to meet the objectives of timeliness, flexibility and total coverage in providing the entire advertising market with a certified information system by plant, with a relative photographic documentary vision of the entire campaigns.



Data Lakehouse and web application to validate posting plans

We have created a Data Lakehouse exploiting the potential of the Autonomous Data Warehouse and Object Storage made available by OCI. The data lake collects data relating to display plans and personal data (cities, companies, plant, type of plant, etc.) from the Audioutdoor database. Furthermore, each participating company transmits the daily detailed information of the posters made, including images accompanied by metadata that allow the proof of posting to be associated with the installation code.

A web application was also created to give the Audioutdoor staff the opportunity to validate the display plan on the individual plants involved, through a comparison by an operator with what was received from the associated companies. All the information focused on the Data Lakehouse can be consulted through an intelligent reporting dashboard, created through Oracle Analytics Cloud, which offers modern self-service analytics capabilities, based on artificial intelligence, for the preparation and visualisation of data.



AudiOutdoor is a Joint Industry Committee, a “super parties” organization consisting of companies that invest in advertising (grouped in UPA), communication agencies (represented by UNA) and the most important out of home dealerships (IGP Spa, IGP Decaux, IPAS and Urban Vision). The primary purpose of Audioutdoor is the impartial, complete survey of media audiences, both traditional and digital, with the most current and scientific systems. Audioutdoor also provides the certification of the successful exposure of the advertising campaign, through an extremely advanced proprietary system created by Reply that provides information in a timely manner, system by system.