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Smart Retail, take a photo and buy

Scan&Shop is the mobile app that changes the Retail experience thanks to the use of AI

Can online and offline shopping live together in harmony?

In the Retail sector, more and more companies are moving towards creating omni-channel customer journeys, in order to combine the advantages of the digital world with the classic benefits of the in-store experience. In creating a customer experience that is increasingly closer to the individual preferences of customers, digital solutions and services are being introduced that aim to reduce physical interaction, while still trying to enrich the traditional shopping experience. Using AI and Machine Learning, Portaltech Reply has created a mobile app that brings the physical and digital worlds closer together, simplifying the purchase and increasing customer engagement.


It all starts with a photograph

With the Scan&Shop app, the experience begins by photographing the product of interest. The Image Recognition technologies used make it possible to recognise and classify the products, based on a simple image. The customer can thus receive real-time information on the product they are looking for, such as price, availability, sizes and other similar details, without being physically in the store or on the eCommerce website. Thanks to recommendation and comparison Machine Learning algorithms, the app can also send suggestions on similar products of possible interest to the customer.


Different alternatives to finalise the purchase

To proceed with the purchase, the user can choose whether to physically go to a store or to continue online on the eCommerce platform integrated with the Scan&Shop app. In the store, using a self-checkout mechanism, it is possible to scan the barcode and add the selected objects to the user’s virtual basket. There is no need to go to the check-out for the payment phase, thanks to a proximity sensor operated by the app and activated automatically when leaving the store.

With Scan&Shop, every choice is possible.


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