Case Study

How we designed a selling platform with low-code for a banking customer

We implemented an Appian-based solution to support an innovative and multichannel selling platform of banking products.

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Reshaping business models

The need to find an alternative to physical branches during the COVID-19 pandemic and the race to increase profit margin in the zero-yield policy era of central banks led banking institutions to redefine business models and value processes.

With the aim of establishing a direct communication channel between the end-customer and the bank, eliminating intermediaries while lowering operating costs, a banking institution turned to Technology Reply to exploit the low-code approach. An outstanding solution was achieved through Appian. Technology Reply created an effective multi-channel sales platform of banking products, accessible to end customers remotely and capable of fulfilling their financial requests at any time.


Enhancing synergies between the bank’s knowledge and fast, high quality IT solutions

While the bank’s objective was clear, it posed a number of challenges.

  • Delivering solutions in a timely manner, coping with demanding timelines. This was further challenged by M&A operations promoted to ensure the financial market’s soundness.

  • Employing a hybrid selling solution of banking products to enable a smooth digitalization transition: customers who were not familiar with remote technologies could undertake certain steps offline, guided by financial consultants, if they required assistance.

  • Reducing selling processes' elapsed time and creating monitoring dashboard for the back-end in order to highlight bottleneck or deviations to the optimal process flow.

  • Ensuring high performance focused on a customer-centered approach.

  • Reducing IT maintenance cost while guaranteeing safe data retention.

The solution

Fast does not mean rushed 

Appian seemed to be the optimal solution to cope with the demand of innovative selling platforms bolstered by the bank, while ensuring the highest standards in customer experience and a robust design process. Appian offers a series of ready-to-use components that enables a prompt development of both web pages and back-end and is highly integrated within the bank’s selling network. The selling procedure can begin online and be finalized offline to allow low-tech customers to feel more confident with the platform.

Customer background and credit checks are done online via integration with an external data provider, minimizing manual intervention and saving time. Back-end employees can then monitor the selling process from start to finish, highlighting inefficiencies, while the data is stored in the cloud and maintained directly by Appian.


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