Case Study

Conversational Banking

Introducing an innovative approach to retail banking services via digital channels, leveraging the power of natural language interaction.

#Generative AI


Ready to talk with your bank?

Reply supported a prominent European bank on exploring generative AI enabled capabilities for the evolution of their mobile app. The collaboration led to the development of an advanced conversational system leveraging natural language processing.

This groundbreaking innovation enables users to interact with a digital assistant, facilitating seamless transaction input and intuitive account monitoring through dialogue.

The main features of a Conversational Banking app

Generative AI and natural language

The system leverages the power of large language models integrated with domain-specific knowledge to interpret users' input and provide relevant data and information in multiple languages.

Free-flow interaction

The interaction with the app is as natural as a voice or written chat with a human operator and doesn’t require predefined transactional paths or the need to fill out complex forms.

Strong integration with core systems

Behind the easy-to-use conversational interface, the app maintains the bank’s high-security standards and extends integrations with core systems, offering powerful tools to manage accounts and payments.

Looking at some concrete examples

Conversational Banking has enormous potential

The conversational banking system is based on a specialised architecture capable of leveraging continuous innovations from the flourishing Generative AI market. Reply is supporting the bank in scouting new foundational models to empower the conversational app and extend the functional coverage to new domains, expanding the reach to new customer segments.


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