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Low-code adoption framework

Reply has developed a framework with the aim of supporting its customers in the process of adopting low-code, maximizing the effectiveness and positive impact within each company.

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From IT to Citizen Developer: adopting a low-code approach

The current socio-economic context requires a change in the way business is done, focusing on constantly evolving digital products and services. However, there is a global gap in IT professionals. The solution? Adopt a low-code/no-code approach to increase the productivity of IT developers and involve business and domain experts in the development process by creating the figure of the Citizen Developer.

This approach allows you to work in an agile and collaborative way, reducing the risk of project failure, accelerating Time To Market (TTM) and increasing the quality of the final product. The adoption of this approach affects business processes, organizational models and various stakeholders: for this reason, it is essential to formalize an adoption strategy that is tailored to the specificities of the customer.

Our framework

Reply has developed a framework, divided into three phases (assessment, start-up and scale-up), with the aim of identifying the most critical aspects for customers in their journey of adopting low-code. This verifies their level of maturity and evaluates the contexts in which low-code could be used to maximize its effectiveness and positive impact.

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Low-code: Reply's tailor-made support

Reply, through the experience gained using the framework, supports customers throughout the process of adopting low-code, adapting, from time to time, activities based on the reality of each company. We constantly conduct tests and analysis on the tools on the market, studying their available functionalities, to identify the best future-generation low-code platforms, including Outsystems, a best-in-class low-code platform and our partner since 2019 with ongoing projects in various fields.