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The Machine Learning workshops work with the latest trends in artificial intelligence. The experts from Machine Learning Reply show which use cases can already be implemented today with little effort and how added value can be generated. Together with the participants, the consultants identify the AI potential and show how it can be harnessed. In addition, the workshop develops an understanding for strategic and technical aspects of ML solution approaches.

The Reply initiative guarantees successful AI projects:
  • building up data science in teams from scratch
  • taking first steps in the AI field
  • preparing decision-makers for an AI-driven world
  • creating a roadmap for data strategy
The workshops convey foundational and expert knowledge on data strategy topics and practical examples of applied AI – to Data Scientists, Team and Department Leads as well as to C-level and Board Members.

The Machine Learning Incubator covers the full range of AI from a business perspective, based on four pillars:
ML theories, tools, business and project management approaches as well as Data Literacy;

With focus on the participants the workshop is designed to respond to their needs and prior knowledge. In order to adjust the sessions to the individual group, Machine Learning Reply is offering them in time frames between one to three days.

Benefits of Training

Experienced data scientists learn to use new tools and techniques of data science and ML and how to apply them to their respective company.

With new learning opportunities, the workshop integrates entire teams and motivates them to data sovereignty.

Executives and top management then understand data better and discover new opportunities in their own industry.

Enterprises will profit from a customized workshop
delivered by Data Scientists, industry experts and strategy coaches from Machine Learning Reply

Workshop-topics and exemplary sessions

The Machine Learning Reply experts will introduce participants to the most important topics in the context of artificial intelligence. The lessons can be adjusted to suit either a technical audience by doing a deep-dive into the theory, or providing a general overview to participants with little prior knowledge. Focus areas are for example machine learning algorithms, predictive modelling and natural language processing.

Exemplary Lessons:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • (Un-)Supervised Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Quantum Computing
  • Neural Networks

This pillar covers the most popular tools, that are used for Machine Learning and Data Visualisation. Combined with lessons from ML theory, an application-oriented access is ensured. In addition to a lesson focusing on one specific tool, Machine Learning Reply also offers an overview of the pros and cons of available tools on the market.

Exemplary Lessons:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Data preparation with Dataiku
  • Machine Learning Models with Data Robot
  • Evaluation of popular BI tools
  • Data visualisation with Tableau

The lessons of this pillar cover the topic of artificial intelligence from a business perspective. Machine Learning Reply's consultants have years of experience in Machine Learning projects and teach employees which strategies and business concepts are crucial for a successful implementation. Encompassed in the lessons is the entire life cycle of projects, from the initial identification of potential use cases and promising data sources to the implementation and usage in the company.

Exemplary Lessons:

  • Evaluate AI capabilities
  • Definition of Requirements for AI projects
  • Prioritisation of Use Cases
  • Development of a Data Roadmap
  • Agile Development

In addition to the technical and project-specific topics, this pillar serves to impart a more general understanding of data. A training of employees in this field will enable them to grasp opportunities through valuable insights. Lessons from this pillar cover data literacy, data in an ethical context as well as the correct identification and interpretation of patterns.

  • Ethics in AI
  • Data Literacy – Basics
  • Correct and easy visualisation of data
  • Pattern recognition

The experts from Machine Learning Reply offer to consult on the design of an individual agenda. Potential goals are:

  • Targeted project management to ensure a successful implementation of AI use cases

  • Recognizing the potential of company data

  • Training employees in the basics of ML

  • Developing a data roadmap

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