The Quantum Inspired Accelerator created by DATA Reply to solve QUBO problems very fast. Available both on Premises and in Cloud.

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QUBO: what is it about?



QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) is a QUANTUM INSPIRED formalism used to describe combinatorial optimization models that can improve your business processes.


The case to be optimized can be represented in the form of a QUBO Matrix, which is quickly solvable using quantum and accelerated computing technologies.

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Why megaQUBO?

Solving speed

megaqubo is fast

Finding solutions to QUBO models in real contexts requires high performance and great computational power. MEGAQUBO, using massive parallelization hardware, allows it to find the optimal solution in incredible times with traditional computing strategies.

Quality of the solution

megaqubo is accurate

The accuracy level of the solution found has a direct impact on your business. For this reason, megaQUBO focuses on the quality of the solution by providing a quick response to your use case.

Service scalability

megaqubo is scalable

In real contexts, models can involve a large number of decision-making factors, which can change over time. MEGAQUBO is designed to scale together with your project. Due to its highly parallelized modules, it is able to manage complex models while minimizing the impact on performances.

Plug and play

megaqubo is easy to use

Once converted into a QUBO Matrix, the problem case is submitted to megaQUBO to produce the solution without the need of further configurations. Data Reply can also support you in the model creation and definition phase, thanks to its Quantum Specialists.

megaQUBO in 3 steps

megaQUBO steps