Case Study

Automate processes intelligently

viadonau creates solid foundation for comprehensive use of RPA.

Time for innovation

Numerous time-consuming, resource-intensive and recurring processes determine the daily work routine in many companies.

In order to free their own employees from menial tasks so that they can devote themselves to more value-adding activities, viadonau Österreichische Wasserstraßen Gesellschaft mbH decided to increase the degree of automation of their processes. The decision was made to use the RPA platform Blue Prism, which was successfully implemented with the professional support of Leadvise Reply.

Onboarding of the Digital Workforce

Well-documented and established processes are crucial in the on-boarding phase of new co-workers to ensure that the procedures are understood, traines and executed properly. This also applies to the ‘colleagues’ of the Digital Workforce, the so-called bots, that perform tasks automatically. The successful use of RPA depends only one-third on the software and two-thirds on good documentation and the structuring of meaningful processes. In this sense, viadonau's process management system, which has been in use for over a decade, proved as an ideal prerequisite.

After a phase of thorough and comprehensive preparation, viadonau started the introduction of the RPA platform with a department from the controlling department as a selected "early adopter". The goal in this pilot phase was to automate the generation and provision of comprehensive ERP evaluations for quarterly reporting.

Leadvise Reply's technical expertise in Blue Prism and its deep understanding of change management of organizational structures and processes made a decisive contribution to the smooth integration of a bot into existing processes.

Added value motivates company-wide roll-out

After an implementation phase of just ten days, the bot will relieve the burden on employees by 120 hours per year. The added value is therefore immediately apparent. A further 34 processes, which take up 2,200 hours per year, have already been identified for potential automation.

The successful automation of the quarterly ERP reporting at viadonau motivated the decision for a company-wide roll-out of Robotic Process Automation. Leadvise Reply supports viadonau in this process from the implementation of the final Blue Prism infrastructure to the establishment of an internal RPA Center of Excellence and through Pair Programming for the implementation of selected RPA candidates. The close integration of process management and IT on the customer side paired with professional support and Leadvise Reply's agile approach proves to be a guarantee for sustainable success.



viadonau employs more than 260 employees. About 140 of them work at the headquarters in Vienna-Donaustadt, which is home to the company's seven specialist departments in addition to the general management. 60 experts for flood protection, environment and bank maintenance ensure optimal customer service in four service centres along the Danube in Angern, Aschach, Krems and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg and coordinate their route maintenance plans and activities from here. At ten locks - nine Danube locks and at the Nußdorf lock on the Vienna Danube Canal - about 60 lock attendants regulate the daily shipping traffic.

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