Starting your Oracle ERP Cloud Journey

Why and how to switch to Oracle ERP Cloud according to Business Reply, Oracle Platinum Cloud Select partner.

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your ERP system

In recent years, cloud projects have guaranteed a return on investment up to three times higher than the return from a traditional on-premise system. The economic benefits derived from adopting cloud solutions are primarily attributable to the major simplification in infrastructure complexity and to the containment of the planning and application maintenance costs involved.

The product-driven approach that Business Reply adopts in such projects enables organisations to manage the implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud in line with best practice, limiting customisation interventions and allowing project costs to be contained. Moreover, the reduction in customisation activities ensures that the quarterly updates released by Oracle will allow the system to evolve and new features to be introduced, thus taking advantage of the latest technologies without necessitating additional project work. The scalability of cloud solutions makes it possible to support business growth without the additional investments required by on-premise solutions.

Emerging technologies in support of your Business

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cognitive computing, robot process automation (RPA), the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, advanced analytics, real-time reporting and multi-channel access are all technologies that can enable new operating modes and facilitate new business models.

The project experience gained by Business Reply in the Oracle ERP Cloud realm confirms just how these technologies can enhance the functionality of an ERP system so as to obtain the anticipated benefits:

  • RPA technologies allow organisations to fully digitise simple, repetitive processes with low added value, such as the end-to-end management of the accounts payable cycle, limiting human intervention to exception-handling, or enabling the closing and reconciliation of accounts to be managed autonomously.

  • The use of AI/ML algorithms enables, for example, suppliers to be selected who are more willing to grant discounts for advance payments, which the system identifies by means of liquidity optimisation processes.

  • The use of advanced analytics and real-time reporting represents a significant improvement both in the ways we utilise and interact with data and information and in the simplicity and speed with which digital documents are generated.

Easy migration to the Cloud

The adoption of a cloud-based ERP system, according to Business Reply, is one of the main drivers towards the standardisation of business processes. Business Reply has developed a specific workshop-based methodology that allows companies to maximise user satisfaction and, more generally, the success of the end-to-end cloud journey.

By means of step-by-step interactive workshops with customers, this methodology facilitates a rapid familiarisation with the new solution, based on best implementation practices.

The main benefits of this approach are:

  • the increased commitment and confidence of key client users,

  • better analysis of requirements and business scenarios,

  • a reduction of the risks linked to incorrect implementation approaches and solutions,

  • a considerable reduction in the time taken to deliver the solution.

Why switch to Oracle ERP Cloud with Business Reply?

Oracle ERP Cloud guarantees business growth without the additional investment involved in on-premise solutions. Business Reply’s approach to the Cloud Journey standardises business processes, ensuring that the switch to the ERP Cloud solution actually becomes the final software upgrade for the ERP system, which will evolve automatically by integrating new features without additional costs or implementations.

Business Reply


Business Reply is the Reply Group company that specialises in the creation of integrated systems based on Oracle application solutions. Oracle. An Oracle Platinum Cloud Select Partner with over 20 years of experience, Business Reply is the reference point for ERP and Corporate Governance services. With a strong focus on Digital Transformation, thanks to investments in innovation and research & development, together with a process of continuous resource training and specialisation, Business Reply was the first Italian Oracle partner to implement projects on the Oracle ERP Cloud, OTM Cloud and Service Cloud platforms. Business Reply guarantees an extensive knowledge and understanding of business processes, together with a strong technical aptitude in all enterprise Oracle application solutions (ERP, CX, Transportation and Supply Chain, PLM, HCM, Business Intelligence), gained through extensive experience in a wide range of industrial settings. Oracle recognised Business Reply as a “Cloud Excellence Implementer for HCM” and “Oracle EMEA Specialised partner for ERPM”, thanks to the quality of services offered in the Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud realms.