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Together to ensure the best 5G network performance ever

With the arrival of 5G, network optimization became increasingly important for mobile telco operators in the running to offer the best performance ever reached. As an effect of the strong competition among RAN vendors, operators today have access to a large number of features/parameters that can bring significant benefits to E2E NW performance if properly activated and tuned. 

#5G Technology

The race towards the best network performance

The most important mobile network providers are working with us to guarantee the highest network quality and ensure the best user experience to their customers. Reaching a higher position than competitors in drive testing is a good indicator of the network level – a success than can be used as a communication lever for marketing purposes and as proof of service quality. For this reason, our clients want to keep a close eye on overall network performance and track all tangible KPI variations in benchmarking campaigns. This enables them to identify areas of improvement and decide where to direct further effort and investments.

We take care of the whole optimization process

We know how to bring out the best from each mobile network through statistical analysis based on Drive Test results. We support our clients in every step, from data acquisition to analysis and final optimization, making it possible for them to achieve the renowned Umlaut Best Mobile Network in Test certification.


Development of centralized Google Cloud & Tableau-based platforms for deep network performance analysis


Detailed E2E
log analysis 


Mobile network performance maximization to guarantee the best Customer Experience


Harmonization and optimization of mobile network configuration for best practice

Support in case of severe issues through the Tiger team

Our dedicated competence centre 

We have also accommodated the needs of telco by creating a mobile network optimization Competence Center with an End-to-End performance-oriented imprint and focus on new 5G technology. The center is growing fast and provides our customers with expert support in their optimization tasks. In particular, the mobile network Competence Center is providing them with turnkey services that cover the whole user experience network optimization process.

Field measurement acquisition

We take care of everything concerning the acquisition of field measurements based on Drive Tests. Thanks to our Test Factory we can properly manage all aspects related to drive test campaign planning and execution, test job configuration, testing platform integration and measured data acquisition and storage. We are currently providing measurement solutions based on Rohde & Schwartz and Infovista equipment, but are open to the integration of other systems as well! Field measurements cover all the main existing radio technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) and services (legacy voice calls, VoLTE voice calls, uplink and downlink data transfer, etc.)

Measurements post processing

We take care to post-elaborate all data from field test campaigns. Our goal is to convert the data from a proprietary format into a table format so it can be uploaded to a database, cleaned-up and validated. All these actions are crucial for the analysis process as they make up the consolidated data source for any analysis service.

Statistical analysis and reporting

We adopt automatized processes to extract KPIs and analyze them together with the most relevant radio information. This way, we create consolidated reports in which the main issues are highlighted. To accomplish this task, we have developed the “Drive Test Analytics” proprietary platform. The platform is based on Google Cloud for what concerns storage, KPI calculation and post processing, and on Tableau for what concerns analysis and reporting layers. Thanks to Drive Test Analytics, it is possible to collect and concentrate all the data coming from any telco operator in one environment. Also, thanks to the Google Cloud Platform, drive test data can be compared with data coming from network counters and crowd sourcing platform. Finally, thanks to the visualization and analysis layers on Tableau, the production of powerful reports has been completely automatized: A synthetic score is associated to each service in order to provide a proxy of the real user experience of the service without the need to have any network KPI understanding.

Gap analysis and optimization actions

This is the last module of the mobile network optimization service. It is a human analysis of the standard report that comes from the statistical analysis. It goes in depth on both the statistical level (by means of our Drive Test Analytics platform) and the single log level with the goal of finding the root cause of each performance issue and suggesting a solution. Deep analysis covers all the main existing radio technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) and services (legacy voice calls, VoLTE voice calls, uplink and downlink data transfer, etc.).
To make the operation even more successful, the network optimization engineering team often gets involved in joint test session together with telco operator and network vendor. This way, we support our customers in delivering official guidelines as well as providing best practice for the Network Optimization.

What we do for new generation networks

  • Business consultancy for the design, engineering, and implementation of PoC-Trials or real 5G use cases

  • DAS, FWA, Massive MIMO and Small Cells network architectures design

  • E2E solutions related to the digitalization of network quality processes with a focus on disruptive technologies such as drones for RF measurement or survey activities

  • Support on the entire virtualization segment, from the issues of network disaggregation and virtualization in the fixed & mobile networks to the implementation phases of network slicing & orchestration solutions.

“For over 10 years we have been the main Italian TelCo operators’ strategic partner. We know how to effectively operate on all network domains access, transport, core NTW and IMS (VoLTE / VoWiFi), offering design, engineering, product validation & verification, operations & network quality services.”


Concept Reply specializes in the research, development, and validation of innovative solutions in the IoT (Internet of Things) field. Today, we are recognized as a center of expertise and excellence in Testing and Quality Assurance, and include a Business Unit that specializes in this service. Thanks to our laboratories and to an international team of professionals specializing in the QA and Validation fields, we are able to offer companies end-to-end support for the validation of products and services, while also optimizing costs and time-to-market.