Reply opens new Cyber Security Lab

November 09, 2021

Reply supports IT and OT experts, security managers and company decision-makers, with its new Cyber Security Lab providing a space where they learn more about the risks related to cyber threats and how to defend the organisation effectively from these.

In the Cyber Security Lab the latest security solutions and tools will be tested aimed to protect the values and privacy of people, companies and processes. At the lab Reply has built stations for testing and simulating attack vectors and modelling threats. Through simulation, organisations can respond pre-emptively to security threats and reduce the risk of production downtime. Controllers and devices of industry-standard hardware and software components can also be tested to see if they can withstand cyber attacks.

In addition to the test and demo stations related to industrial security, IoT and IIoT, 5G, automotive and smart building security, the focus of the project is on the consultation on topics from adaptive cloud security, secure software development and security-oriented network infrastructures to application and data security. Companies that rely on agile development, cloud computing or remote work will receive security assessment reports on the played scenarios so that they can rule out disruptions to their cybersecurity models.

Visitors will also learn how artificial intelligence (AI) helps to reliably protect data. Use cases range from detecting anomalies or malicious entities to implementing security information to event management (SIEM) systems, endpoint security products and incident response. AI is also crucial in tackling malware and enables predictions to act or plan prior to the attacks. Security professionals use AI to deploy resources more effectively and should, therefore, be included in any security strategy.

Thomas Hartmann, member of board of Reply Germany SE, points out that "Cyber attacks are currently one of the greatest risk factors for the economy. Attackers are increasingly using elaborate, multi-stage attack strategies that were previously only used in cyber espionage. With our new Cyber Security Lab in Cologne, we want to sensitise, inform and provide companies with security solutions as well as concrete recommendations to protect the organisation effectively against cyber threats."

Further information on the Cyber Security Lab opening in Cologne can be found here. Interested companies can now book a visit to the Cyber Security Lab at

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