Reply Launches Accelerator 365, a New Offering for Microsoft 365 Modern Work Solutions

10th January 2024

Reply, a leading network of highly specialised companies active in the fields of digital transformation and innovation, announced the launch of Accelerator 365, a new product that delivers innovative applications for intranets and digital workplaces. 

Accelerator 365 leverages the expertise and experience of WM Reply and Valorem Reply, two of Reply’s companies focused on Microsoft technologies, to create and market a suite of applications that enhance the functionality, usability and design of intranets and digital workplaces. These applications are designed to help organisations improve communication, collaboration, productivity and engagement among their employees, customers and partners. 

 Some of the apps and solutions that Accelerator 365 offers include:  

- Launchpad: an enterprise directory of links and tools that employees need in their organisation, supporting user personalisation and audience targeting. 
- Audience Subscription: a powerful content subscription app that enables users within organisations to browse and subscribe to different groups, influencing the content they are served on the intranet. 
- Site Analytics: an integration with Google Analytics, to enable intranet owners to analyse and assess the impact of their communications. 
- Translator for SharePoint: an enterprise-ready integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services to provide content authors translation services directly from within their content creation flow. 

  “Accelerator 365 is a great opportunity for us to bring together our industry-leading expertise and passionate consultants into a dedicated and focussed Microsoft 365 product team. The Accelerator 365 apps have delivered incredible value to our existing clients, meeting the evolving needs and expectations of organisations and users in the Modern Work space. We can’t wait for these apps to provide a seamless and integrated intranet experience for even more organisations” said Richard Acreman, Partner at WM Reply. 

James Mountford, Business Owner, Transport for London, one of Accelerator 365 clients, added "For most content editors, the Accelerator web parts feel like any regular SharePoint web part with the only giveaway their striking red icon colour. They’re as easy and intuitive to use as the Microsoft ones."

Accelerator 365 apps are compatible with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Viva Connections. They are also available on the Microsoft AppSource marketplace and can be deployed and configured in minutes.  

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of AI, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors.

Accelerator 365 
Accelerator 365 is a suite of standalone apps and solutions that can be added to your SharePoint environment, working alongside native functionality, to provide the tools you need to deliver a world class intranet. With a wide range of apps and solutions available for every business need, the Accelerator places the control in the hands of Communicators and Content Owners. Expanding the reach of your digital workplace and enabling rich and dynamic content. Learn more at

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