Reply Challenge Programme 2020 begins: registration for the Standard and Teen Edition of the Reply Code Challenge is now open


11 February 2020

Registrations have now opened to participate in the Reply Code Challenge 2020, the team challenge organized by Reply to foster innovation in coding and all things digital.

The international competition will take place online on Thursday 12th March 2020. In the wake of the hugely successful Standard Edition of the Reply Code Challenge (aimed at students and professionals), the Teen Edition of the Reply Code Challenge will also be running again, open to aspiring coders between 14 and 19 years old. In 2019 both editions of the contest saw over 15,000 challengers from 108 different countries, divided into 2,800 teams, using their “coding strokes" to compete against one another.

Logic and mathematics problems will be the themes at the centre of the Teen Edition, while the teams of the Standard Edition will engage over an algorithmic problem. All programming languages will be allowed and, for every problem, each team will be able to enter as many solutions as they want. The algorithms that achieve the best score during the test will determine the winning teams.

The Standard and Teen Edition of the Reply Code Challenge are the first of many challenges that make up Reply’s exciting challenge program for 2020. Alongside the topics of Coding, Cyber Security and Digital Creativity, this year will also see a competition dedicated purely to the financial world, created in collaboration with an important financial institution.

These challenges are a testament to Reply's commitment to new training models which, through innovative and gaming inspired dynamics, involve younger generations using a language and lens they often relate strongly to. Only three years after the launch of the first challenge, Reply’s challenge community is now at 40,000 players and counting! Become part of the community today and help inspire a new generation of coders.

Reply Code Challenge Standard Edition and Reply Code Challenge Teen Edition will take place online on March 12th from 16:30 to 20:30 CET. All information is available on

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