Protocube Reply presents its Virtual Interactive Showroom solution for the virtualization of environments and products

3rd August 2020

Protocube Reply, the Reply Group company specializing in the creation of virtual environments, makes available from today its Virtual Interactive Showroom solution aimed at virtualizing environments and products for B2C and B2B markets.

Through the potential offered by 3D technology, the solution enables an effective digital transposition of objects and events traditionally necessitated by physical interaction - such as exhibition venues, trade shows and consumer products - and aims to respond to the needs for new opportunities and forms of business outlined by the companies and customers that were most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Virtual Interactive Showroom is aimed in particular at operators and players in the trade fair industry thanks to its high level of involvement and engagement with customers and visitors (buyers, retailers, end customers). The solution allows for the seamless exploration of virtual environments, either independently or with the support of remote operators, which reproduce physical experiences such as making purchases in showrooms or taking part in events and trade fairs.

Some of the many features offered by the solution include: the creation of virtual 3D or photographic environments, browsing from mobile or PCs, co-browsing video-chat services, the management of logins and bookings, real-time 3D and AR products visualization and product wishlists.

Recently, the adoption of the Virtual Interactive Showroom solution has enabled the launch of the first entirely digital textile trade fair in Italy, the Bsamply Tradeshow Project, which will be attended by the main suppliers within Italy's textile district.


Protocube Reply specialises in creating and managing 3D resources, offering specialised products and services in 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing. Using some of the most advanced technologies currently available on the market, Protocube Reply develops 3D content and applications designed to optimise the different stages of product development and exploit the advantages of 3D visualisation in the communication and marketing sectors.

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